Michelle Heard (Horst)

Genre:  Romance, Second Chance, Enemies To Lovers

My Rating:  4.5

Cover:  5

Read:  February 16th 2018  (ARC)

Publication:  August 30th 2017

POV:  First-person dual perspectives

Series:  Enemies To Lovers:  



I’m warned that Carter Hayes is heartless.

He’s part of the Screw Crew.
He’ll just use you and leave you.
He’s ruthless and always gets what he wants.

Just look for the trail of broken hearts and dreamy sighs and you’ll find him.

“Hot as sin, Carter.”

I don’t have time to fall head over heels for any guy. Besides, he’d never notice someone like me. I have a three step plan. Get through college. Get a job. Get my sister out of the hell hole I left her in. That’s all I have time for.

That’s until I hear of the betting pool the guys started. Whoever screws me first gets the money. The moment Carter looks at me, I know it’s only because of the bet.

I tell myself our first kiss is only for show.
I hate my heart for falling for his irresistible charm.

For one foolish moment, I actually want him to be my first earth-shattering love. All it takes for me to give in is a little attention, a cocky smile, and a fake promise of a happily-ever-after.

When I’m surrounded by crumpled sheets and the smell of sex, I realize I let him have me for four hundred dollars.

To save what little pride I have left, I pretend it didn’t mean anything, that he’s just one last screw before we all leave college.

I’ve spent the last four years lying to myself. When I’m ready to take the final step of my plan, and save my sister, guess who walks through my front door?


Carter Hayes and Della Truman ~ Book 1 in the Enemies To Lovers Series

This is a full-length, stand alone, unrequited love/second chance romance/reunited love/opposites attract with a HEA and no cliffhanger.

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My Review:

 Heartless (Enemies to Lovers, #1)Heartless by Michelle Heard (Horst)

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

4.5 Stars to Heartless by Michelle Heard (Horst).

First let me mention that author Michelle Horst is now known as Michelle Heard.

Second, how did I not read this book sooner? I’ve seen it on Goodreads and all social media outlets in the book community. I’ve also promoted this book on my own blog and social media accounts. All this but never got the opportunity to read it. So when I saw that the third book in this Enemies to Lovers series was releasing soon, I decided it was time. So here I am finished with Heartless and Reckless is next. I’ve been missing out on a great series with amazing and complex characters. I am so excited to read more!

That said…..

This book introduces us to the cast of the series. The girls are all likable. The guys? Uh, not so much at first. These five men, known as the “Screw Crew,” have a lot of growing to do. They absolutely have their faults but in the same breath, they are protective and loyal. You will see what I mean as you read along. I do recommend starting this series from the first book. While these books can be read as standalone, I feel you would be lost in some instances.

Carter and Della…..

The blurb gives a great hint of the premise of this book. However there is so much more. Things happened that I didn’t see coming. All the feels are abundant. I experienced so many emotions but the first for me was anger. Yeah, I was not a fan of Carter for many chapters. I’m very glad we had his POV because without knowing his inner thoughts, I would have never warmed up to him. He was rude, crude and downright mean. I have never met a hero so nasty to a heroine before. Don’t worry though, Carter more than redeems himself to me AND Della.

Carter and Della first meet during their last year of college. They get off to a bad start. I say that lightly; it was not good between them for a while. But they eventually confronted their feelings for each other and became friends. Then a bit more. But then, life gets in the way and they are separated for four years. When they come face to face once again, their lives will be changed forever. Thankfully they are both more mature. I can’t say more because there are some surprises, and dark, intense moments in the second half of the book. I don’t want to spoil that for you. I will also say that with each book, as the characters grow, there are more dark, angsty and suspensful moments. And while there is love and passion, there is heartbreak and trauma as well.

These men of the series are not only intense; it is easy to see they are hurting deep inside, keeping their own secrets. Something big is coming and I can feel it brewing. I have a strong feeling I will be devastated.

Book two is Logan and Mia’s story. As much as I am apprehensive about the plot, I can’t wait to dig in.

This was my first book by this author and I am definitely a new fan.

This is my honest and unbiased review. That you for taking the time to read it. 🙂


Michelle Heard (Horst)

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Heartless – Carter and Della
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Shameless – Rhett and Evie – coming 2018

A Damaged Romance Duet
Dirty #1 (Jack & River)
Filthy #2 (Adam & Sophia)
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False Perception – Coming 2018
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