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Timeless Ever After Anthology


US: http://a.co/e8lHiRf

UK: http://amzn.eu/1V5bSue

CA: http://a.co/frdwmt0


Included Authors: Tiffany Carby, Alice La Roux, Angela K. Parker, Bella Emy, Delaney Foster, Ember-Raine Winters, Glenna Maynard, J. L Leslie, Jessica Collins, JL Long, Kathia Iblis, Lorah Jaiyn, MK Moore, Roux Cantrell, Shannon Nemechek



Sweet. Sensual.

Words which only scratch the surface of what lies between the pages of the Timeless Ever After Anthology.

Fifteen titillating novellas, each inspired by a beloved fairy tale, describing just what would happen if the originals weren’t so… pure. Tales not meant for the faint of heart. Where lusts are fulfilled, love is found, and sin lurks behind every corner. Tales not meant for children…

A big bad biker (Lil’ Red & the Big Bad Biker), an undercover operative (Ella Uncovered), and a lonely veterinarian (Raising the Wild) are made whole, just as family lies (Tangled in You), forbidden love (Hush), and sadistic stepmothers (Red as Blood), threaten to tear other lives apart. The spoiled prince (Emerald Runs Deep) and tenacious daddy’s girl (Satin & Sin), have a change of heart while an alien king stops at nothing to collect his due (Liquid Gold). One princess is rigorously tested (A Princess for Hans), one tortured by sleep (Upon A Dream), and another finds herself in a desperate battle for her warrior (Tala).

Gypsies (A Beautiful Dream), slaves (Frostbitten), broken vibrators (Sweeter Things) … Oh my!

Worlds are shattered, secrets uncovered, and lives irrevocably altered from one tale to the next, as each set of characters find their own happily ever after. Can fifteen different authors each replace your favorite fairy tales with one of their own?

Only once upon a time will tell…

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