Racing Toward Love

By Everleigh Clark

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A forty-three-year-old divorcee finds love in the arms of a younger man while training for the hardest race of her life. Which will prove to be more difficult? Running a grueling one hundred thirty-five mile race through Death Valley or the not-so-socially acceptable relationship her family can’t handle?

This novella was originally part of the Wanna Be Bad boxset, under Everleigh’s other pseudonym. Three thousand words have been added in a fun, romantic epilogue.

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“What are you doing here, honey? You guys weren’t supposed to come until tomorrow.” Shay’s voice followed him as he locked himself into the bathroom. High-pitched sputtering and rapid talking—faster than his cousin from Wisconsin—exploded from the living room. After washing his hands, he readjusted himself in his jeans and made sure he was presentable. “Hi, nice to meet you. Your mother just gave me a blow job,” didn’t seem like the best introduction, so he took a moment to think, trying not to be thrown off by the frantic pacing and click, click of her daughter’s high heels. Shaylee’s low reassurances. And her daughter’s dramatic vocalizations getting even faster and more fevered. “Chase’s on his way. He had to pick up something from a friend’s house first. We were going to surprise you and have dinner. That man is young enough to be your son! God, Mother, what were you thinking?” “I was thinking this is my life! And the only way he could be my son is if I got pregnant before I was fourteen!” A knock sounded at the front door, followed by confident steps and a male voice. Ryan stepped out and headed into the living room. He’d be damned if he left Shaylee to fend for herself.

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Everleigh Clark is a pen name of a USA Today bestselling author who wanted to write some fun paranormal romance. She’s also a homeschooling mommy, crafter and choc-aholic.

When she’s not wrangling kittens, googling math help or cleaning up slime, she’s plotting and writing her next book. Her characters are fun, lovable and messy. Just like the characters in her real life.

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