Med Rom Book 2


Kristine Dugger

Genre:  Romance, Second Chance Romance, Not a Standalone

My Rating:  4

Cover:  5

Publication:  January 30th 2018

Read:  January 20th 2018

Series:  Med Rom:  Flatline & Pulse


Have you ever felt that you made the biggest mistake of your life?
Such a big mistake that it has affected everything in your world.
Your happiness.
Your success.
Your completeness.
Your desire to love.

I let him go.
For what?

Now, is the time for me to make up for my mistake.
I will get him back.
He will be my biggest and most rewarding challenge.
He is my doctor!
I’m ready for my check up!


My Review:

Pulse (MED ROM Series Book 2)Pulse by Kristine Dugger

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

4 Stars to Pulse (Med Rom Series Book 2) by Kristine Dugger.

First, you need to know this book is NOT a standalone. Pulse is book 2 and the conclusion to this romance duet. While I was not a big fan of book 1, book 2 has given me some redemption. There is nothing wrong with this author’s writing in either book. In fact, Kristine Dugger has a talent for words. My problem stemmed from my lack of connection to the H/h and my dislike for the heroine.

That said…..
If you read book 1, you know it ended in somewhat of a cliffhanger. Instead of the ending leaving me excited for what comes next, I was frustrated, angry and dissatisfied with how things ended out. All because of a selfish heroine. So when Pulse became available for review, of course I was going to devour it. I needed my HEA.

I liked this book so much better than the first. You already know that when this book starts, Leo and Paige are not a couple, nor are they friends. In fact, Leo pretty much hates her and I don’t blame him. What I loved about this book was how Paige had to work very hard to earn back Leo’s trust, after she realized her mistake in breaking up with him. From that point on, I respected her. She owed her mistake and was determined to make up for it. Leo, predictably, made it very difficult for her. In fact, I was even more impressed with how she took what he threw at her and still kept trying to win him back. Did Leo act like an a-hole? Yes, sometimes he did and it was those moments in the book I really wished we had his POV. Because this book is written only in Paige’s perspective, a lot was lost in the connection between them for me. I tried to believe his feelings for Paige were more than intense chemistry but he was so angry and rude to her. Did I blame him? Of course not. But still I would have loved to know what he was thinking.

The end of the book was good; I enjoyed it and felt satisfied how Leo and Paige worked things out. But what really solidified my joy was the amazing epilogue. I loved it! It was the only part of the book written in his perspective. It was because of that, I truly believed in his love for Paige.

Pulse is just over a hundred pages and can easily be read in under two hours. The pace was pretty fast and the writing flowed nicely. All in all, an enjoyable conclusion to this series.

This is my honest and unbiased review. Thank you for taking the time to read it.

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