I am Knox The Assassin Ambrose. I loved an angel, yet couldn’t keep her. These hands of mine, they make people bleed. They rain down pain upon sweet pain. Break a man’s bones with just one swift southpaw to the jaw. I’m an Assassin of men’s’ bodies and women’s hearts. I don’t do nice. I’m Raw, Rough and Unwavering in my quest to be the best.

I feed on my enemy’s hate, turning it into power and strength. I know how to fight with my fists but I also know how to destroy you without a single touch. I fucking clawed my way to the top and that is where I’ll stay.

No need to seek the warmth of a woman’s arms as I had them all falling at my feet, then like a southpaw to the jaw she was there. Stuck in my mind’s eyes, haunting my dreams and etching in under my skin. The more this new beauty holds my attention, the more I lose of my angel, the one who first saved me. To top it off, she has her eyes, so every time I look at her, I’m reminded of what I’ve lost. She’s taking over my senses and turning my brutal world upside down.

Gone is the Knox my angel loved, instead I’m fighting harder than ever before. Maybe just maybe I can find that love my soul craves. Miss Blue-James; can she accept the monster I’ve become? She has her own deep, dark secrets and evil is chasing her tail, seeking to bring her down.

But the evil hell-bent on destroying her hasn’t met me yet. I won’t fail her the way I failed my angel. Tick Tock goes the clock.


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I am Aleisha Maree and I write contemporary romance, with a dark erotic sexy side and a paranormal twist. Also, I write an MC Series. I am a wife to an amazing man who is the love of my life that is my soul mate in this crazy world & I am mother bear to 6 little hellhounds as otherwise known as my kids that mean more to me than breathing in this world. I am from a small village called Wakefield in the South Island of New Zealand it’s the most beautiful stunning place to live in this world. I have had a remarkable childhood with people who are still by my side who are part of my world of crazy.

Reading and getting lost in the world of words and peoples remarkable thoughts has always been the greatest form of escape and the most magical journey for me. I have installed my love for reading into my children with a home overflowing with books.

I have spent the last 15 years being a mother, wife and until now have put my writing and the amazing voices of these hot alphas and ladies in lace on the back burner but with life slowing down just a little and the kiddies just about all off too school, the voices got louder and wanted to come out and play so with that being said enjoy them and the ride it’s sure to be a fun one.

There will be happily ever after’s as well as intense dark loves devils and demons with angels thrown in here and there.

This is going to be an epic journey through my mind so I hope you enjoy the chaos.


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