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Best-selling author Anjalee Scott lives in sunny California with her dog, Gabe. She has always been an avid reader, enjoying crime/mysteries, paranormal romances, and horror books best.
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The Craving

Kellan has roamed the earth for the past 400 years searching for something, anything, greater than him, and now, in San Francisco, he thinks he has finally found it. He has stumbled across college student, Aria Sandoval, who defies his very existence, and he’ll do anything to figure out the magic surrounding the beautiful woman.
Aria Sandoval is a Criminology major in her second year at UCSF and has no idea that, instead of criminal behavior, it’s the paranormal she should be studying. Adopted when she was an infant, after being abandoned in a church, she has no idea about her heritage or its connection to the supernatural.
Intrigue, mystery, passion, desire, and an unexplainable magic never seen before surround the 20-year-old as she learns exactly who she is and what kind of fight she’s in.
Aria must believe in the unbelievable as she weaves her way through a web of enchantment spun just for her and seeks to find the answers to her identity.
*This book is intended for mature audiences 18+.
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