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Best-selling author Anjalee Scott lives in sunny California with her dog, Gabe. She has always been an avid reader, enjoying crime/mysteries, paranormal romances, and horror books best.
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Beautiful couple in love on the chopper
Beautiful couple in love on the chopper. Love is feeling, passion, traveling. Traveling alone, love.


Detective Callie Ryan has a challenging time separating her personal life from her professional one when she goes undercover to stop a biker gang that just moved into her rustic California town, and she falls for the enforcer, Dax Black. To complicate matters further, her ex-boyfriend wants to move back to California and turn up the heat again, while her current love interest refuses to let her go without a fight.
When the operation unfolds, she must decide if she’ll stay true to her badge or let Dax’s bad-boy attitude set something loose inside her that makes her want to run wild and free.
Erotic MC , ages 18+
Watch Trailer:  Reckless 360p
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