Summer In Manhattan

By Katherine Garbera

Genres:  Contemporary Romance

My Rating:  4

Cover:  4

Publication:  July 14th 2017

Read:  July 9th 2017


POV:  Third-person dual perspectives




A summer to remember…

When Cici Johnson falls for the charms of American big shot Rich Maguire, their drunken one night stand results in an unexpected pregnancy. Rich wants nothing to do with the baby or Cici, but she’s determined to give their child the love of two parents on her own.

Jason Hooper’s spent his whole life wondering what family really means. In and out of the foster care system, he never gets too close to anyone; just in case they walk away. But then he meets Cici and he feels as if he’s finally home.

For both of them, the summer they share at The Candied Apple Café couldn’t be sweeter. If only he’ll let his guard down, Hoop’s own happy-ever-after might not be make-believe anymore…



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My Review:

Summer in ManhattanSummer in Manhattan by Katherine Garbera

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

5 Stars to Summer in Manhattan by Katherine Garbera.

Cici and Jason (Hoop)…….

This is the second book that revolves around three best friends: Hayley, Cici, and Iona. The girls own a candy store/cafe together which is successful and very popular. Although I did not read the first book, I was able to follow along with no problems. However I did have my curiosity piqued regarding Hayley and Garrett.

Cici finds herself pregnant after a one-night stand with a guy who has no intentions of being a father at this time of his life. Cici is fine with the fact that this guy, Rich, does not want a relationship with her. It was just one reckless night and she has no intentions of making her life miserable by forcing a guy she hardly knows to ‘do the right thing.’ However, Rich’s attitude makes her feel bad that he wants nothing to do with the baby.

Well that’ll be his loss!

Cici and Hoop met prior to her one-night stand. They had instant chemistry and Cici really liked Hoop and wanted to get to know him. Because Hoop has insecurity and abandonment issues resulting from early childhood, he turns Cici down and as a result, hurts her deeply. What makes the situation worse is that Hoop is best friends with Garrett who is Hayley’s man. It is difficult to avoid each other however Cici does a good job at it anyway.

She avoids him. Even after he decided to reach out to her. Apparently, he liked her enough to change his mind about getting to know her better. Cici is all Hoop could think about lately.

Unfortunately, Cici does not trust him. He hurt her once and she won’t allow him to do it a second time. Both Hoop and Cici have issues from their childhoods which make them wary and cautious of relationships. Besides, Cici has her baby to think about.

What follows is the very slow progress of Cici and Hoop deciding whether to take a chance on each other. Cici says they could just be friends but Hoop wants more. Only he doesn’t know that he can commit to a relationship. As a reader I felt the angst and tension between them. I knew they were falling in love despite their reservations. But love wasn’t the problem. The problem was whether or not either would take a chance.

There was a lot of repetitive thoughts; monologue and dialogue. I didn’t need all the repetition to be engaged in the story. In fact it got a little frustrating with all the back and fourth, the same issues being brought up over and over.

That being said, I did enjoy this book and was happy and relieved with the HEA. I would like to go back and read Hayley and Garrett’s story when I have some time. There is also Iona’s story to look forward to.

This is my honest and unbiased review.

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About The Author:

Katherine Garbera

Goodreads Author


in Hialeah, Florida, The United States




Katherine Garbera is the USA Today best-selling author of more than 90 books for Harlequin Desire, Harlequin Blaze, Harper Impulse, Tule Publishing and Kensington Brava. Her books have been featured in magazines such as REDBOOK (11/98)and have even been featured on the large JumboTron in Times Square, and excerpted in COSMO (7/10). She has been nominated for RT Book Club’s career achievement awards in Series Fantasy and Series Adventure.

Her latest release SUMMER IN MANHATTAN is available July 14, 2017. A Florida native who grew up to travel the globe, Katherine makes her home in the Midlands of the UK with her husband, two children and a very spoiled miniature Dachshund.