by Luke Prescott

Release Date:  June 23rd 2017

Read:  June 19th 2017

My Rating:  5

Cover:  5

Genres:  Romance, Erotic Romance, Light Suspense

POV:  First-person dual perspectives




Asher Kilby is a mechanic who’s dream is to have his own garage. He’s fiercely protective, sexy, and getting dirty doesn’t just happen in the garage.

Payton Hudson comes to work at her dad’s garage after moving across the country. She’s beautiful, captivating, and holding a world of secrets.

When these two meet there’s an instant attraction that can’t be denied. Even though Asher tries to stay away, because the boss’s daughter is off limits, it doesn’t happen. He knows what he wants, and it’s Payton.

Feelings start to get involved. Sex becomes all consuming. Emotions are extreme.

When everything they thought they knew falls apart. One may be relieved. The other completely wrecked.


My Review:

WreckedWrecked by Luke Prescott

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

5 Stars to Wrecked by Luke Prescott.

Release Date: June 23, 2017

Asher and Payton…….

It feels like I’ve been waiting forever for this book. After reading Screwed,, the debut book by this author, I knew that Wrecked would be just as steamy. I was right, but it was so much more! Even after reading the synopsis, I wasn’t sure of this book’s premise. The unpredictability became a pleasant surprise. I admit I am notorious for trying to figure out a book’s plot from the very beginning. There were twists and turns I didn’t expect.

The author’s writing has a smooth flow with a steady pace. There is a lot going on to keep the reader engaged. The characters were likable and relatable and I had a strong connection to Asher and Payton. In addition to the steamy erotic aspect, there are tender moments as well. Damn, that Asher is swoon-worthy book boyfriend material.

Asher is a mechanic who dreams of one day owning his own garage. He is a sexy, cocky man who loves his drinking and one-nighters; who has no intentions of be involved in a relationship. But when his boss’s daughter comes to work at the garage, Asher begins to change his way of thinking. It isn’t long before he realizes his desires regarding Payton are becoming more than lustful. She is all he thinks about.

Payton has secrets. Her reasons for moving across the country are complex, leaving her to be constantly on edge. Because of these unsettled emotions, she did not want to get involved with Asher. However the chemistry between them was not to be ignored.

One of my favorite aspects of this book was watching Asher’s character change. It was as if a switch was flipped when he met Payton. She gradually became his everything. Asher became the epitome of a hero.

I liked Payton. But I loved Asher! Even though his first pages in the book painted him an arrogant jerk, his change to loyal, protective and loving was amazing to watch. I absolutely adored his romantic side. My favorite scene was where he danced with Payton. Those moments were intense and shiver-worthy.

I hated when this book ended. I wished it were longer; I wasn’t ready to say goodbye to Asher and Payton. No matter how short it was, Wrecked is a book with all the emotions and ‘feels’ we look for in a perfect read. I’ll also add that the suspense added more depth and complexity.

If you haven’t yet read Luke Prescott, you are missing out. Both of his books, Screwed, & Wrecked, were fantastic! I am looking forward to more from this author for sure!

*This is my honest and unbiased review.*

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Luke Prescott

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Luke Prescott grew up in New York, where he still lives today. He likes to fish, work on his Jeep and cheer on the best damn team in the NFL, the Giants. He spends his days getting his hands dirty and his nights using his dirty mind.

Writing is a new-found interest for him. Realizing how sexy the written word can be. His debut panty soaking novel is coming soon.