Sold To My Father’s Friend by Cara Chance

My Rating:  3.75

Cover:  4

Genres:  Erotic Romance, Instalove/Lust

Publication:  November 1st 2016

Read:  May 29th 2017

POV:  First-person perspective



*Instalove, Short, quick read, Light BDSM, Hot Sex, Alpha Male, HEA*

Angelique’s father owes a debt.
Jace Landon has come to collect.

When Angelique is sold to her father’s friend, she tries anything and everything to defy her new master.

Will she be able to resist his sexiness? Will he be able to resist temptation?

What will Angelique do if her father can’t pay off the debt? Will she work off the debt for him? And what will Jace want her to do for her freedom?
HEA, Light BDSM elements. Bad Boy and inexperienced girl. With lust, passion, and very risqué sex scenes.




My Review:

Sold to My Father's FriendSold to My Father’s Friend by Cara Chance

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

3.75 Stars to Sold To My Father’s Friend by author Cara Chance.

Angelique (Angel) and Jase…….

This was a short, sexy, steamy read. Sold To My Father’s Friend was the debut book by this author. That said, for a first book, I thought it was good and I would definitely like to read more from this author.

The premise of this story can easily be described in the book’s title. Angel’s father owed Jace a lot of money for reasons you will discover in the book. After one glance at Angel, Jace demands Angel as collateral for the owed funds.

Jace gives Angel a beautiful room in his lavish and expansive mansion, then proceeds to ignore her. Then he avoids her. Angel and Jace’s relationship went from tense and uncomfortable, to intrigue and interest, and then intimacy. I thought the intimate scenes were well-written for a first book. That said, there was one incident I did not care for, although that is just my preference and may not be yours. But after that incident, I had a difficult time believing their feelings for each other were real.

The ending was okay but I thought it felt rushed and I would have like to see more in the way of development, including main and secondary characters. I thought if the book was longer or if there was an epilogue instead of a jump in time I wouldn’t have felt like something was missing.

Still, for a debut book, I enjoyed it. And as I mentioned earlier I will definitely read more from this author. I am looking forward to see how her writing talent develops and grows.

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