My Rating:  5

Genres:  Romance, Second Chances, Alcohol Abuse,

Published:  April 18, 2017

Read:  May 14, 2017


Series:  FourMain (Rock Star Romance)


Rock star Kendrick Main is living the dream—or so it seems to the outside world.

In reality, he’s trapped in a lie that’s consuming his soul and destroying his family. For years, the owner of his record label has manipulated and blackmailed him, forcing him to deceive the world and hide the existence of those he loves the most: his wife and children.

Unable to see a way out that won’t destroy the lives of his bandmates and brothers, he loses himself in the bottle. His downward spiral ends when he wakes up in intensive care after a near-fatal drunken crash. With nothing left to lose, he buys out of his contract and announces the existence of his wife and kids to the waiting paparazzi.

Penniless and lost, he has nothing to show for his former success but a broken family and a mile-long list of people he’s let down. When the pain and suffering that surrounds him trickles down to his children, Kendrick vows to right his wrongs—hopefully taking down the man who ruined his life and winning his wife back in the process.


My Review:

Interlude (FourMain, #1)Interlude by Kay Halliday

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This book was absolutely fantastic!
I can’t believe this is a debut book!
I am just blown away.
Could not put this book down!

5 Stars to Interlude (FourMain #1) by new author Kay Halliday.

First, this is not your typical rockstar romance starring sex, drugs, and rock-n-roll. The books starts off with the hero, Kendrick a few steps above rock-bottom.

Second, this book is told in first-person perspective from Kendrick. The male POV is an element I prefer in a romance and I was so happy about reading Kendrick’s. He is recovering from a near fatal automobile accident. Due to alcohol abuse, Kendrick loses almost everything important to him. I don’t blame him at all for his circumstances. The blurb does a great job of setting this story up for you so I won’t repeat any of that.

Third, I loved Kendrick! I often felt sympathy and empathy for him. I was worried. I felt protective. I wanted to fix all his problems but unfortunately Kendrick needed to stand on his own in order to feel good about himself AND be respected. The challenges facing him were difficult but he does find his HEA.

And that is what this book is all about…Kendrick’s road to healing; finding out how to fix his life so he can get back what he lost. Kendrick’s journey was slow, however I was completely engaged in his story and never once felt bored or frustrated with the pace.

The special touch within this story is all the support Kendrick receives. Kendrick, his brother and two cousins made up the famous band, FourMain. I loved every supportive character in this book. They stood together at every turn in a common goal. To support Kendrick. As a result, Kendrick knew if he didn’t get himself together, there was still more he could lose. His family was all the incentive he needed.

Interlude is a standalone. Kendrick has his happy ending, however some of the circumstances that led to his downfall have yet to be resolved. I believe those circumstances will work their way through as the other members of FourMain have their stories told. I don’t know whose story I’m most looking forward to. I loved all of the Main’s. I just hope I won’t have to wait too long.

I’ll say it again…Interlude is a beautiful story, very well written and filled with those “feels’ we all look for. I highly recommend you check this book out then add it to your TBRs. Read it soon; you will not be disappointed!

*I voluntarily read and reviewed a complimentary copy of this book. My opinions are honest and unbiased.*

I’m so glad this book came my way!

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Kay lives in the Sunshine State with her husband and three kids. She’s had ideas for stories running through her head her entire life, but started writing seriously to retain her sanity as a stay at home mom. She’s random, opinionated, and a total science nerd. Her hobbies include reading, watching football, eating donuts, and singing badly.