My Rating:  3 – 3.5

Cover:  4

Genres:  Romance, Olderman/Younger Woman

Published:  April 22, 2017

Read:  May 9, 2017



Russell is a committed father who is good at ignoring temptations of the flesh in order to make sure his daughter is brought up in a stable atmosphere… or so he thinks.
Actually Russell used to be known as the local stud and, while he has fulfilled the role of respectable father for this long with admirable restraint when it comes to fast women, his resolve is about to be tested from a most unlikely source.

His neighbor’s daughter, Annie, is a beautiful young adult who has just dropped out of college and has the kind of body that can make men beg – even if she does not quite know it yet. But of course, Russell is dedicated to his daughter, Francis, and so there is no harm in offering her a job as his babysitter. Young Annie has her whole life ahead of her and so will absolutely never fall for someone almost twice her age. And a good job too because her dad might be a nice neighbor, but he isn’t someone you would want to cross either.

Warning: This novel is filled with enough excitements to make you forget about your daily life. True HEA. No Cliff-hanger.

Author’s Note : Explicit content and is intended for adult eyes only!

Tags : Innocent love, Older man younger woman, virgin, first time


My Review:

Hooked to the BabysitterHooked to the Babysitter by Eve Owen

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

3 – 3.5 Stars to Hooked To The Babysitter by Eve Owen.

Russell and Annie…….

I’m going to be honest and say this book was just okay for me. The trope was older man (38) falling for his babysitter/neighbor’s daughter (20). This is one of my favorite tropes and there was potential for this book to be more favorable to my liking. My biggest problem with this story was a lack of connection to the characters. In addition, I didn’t feel love or romance at all. It was very casual. I think my feelings had a lot to do with the book’s narrative. I’ll be honest right here…I never read a romance written this way and it really confused me. I kept re-reading and still felt lost at times. The narrative was not first or third person. There was no dialogue between characters other than the narrator telling us (the reader) what was said. I was confused between what was dialogue and what was thoughts.

The author’s writing was very formal, giving me the impression the characters were of higher intellect. Annie was a college drop out and I inferred from the text (because it was not specified) that Russell was a technician of sorts. I’m not insinuating that the characters were not smart, only that the text felt too proper.

Also the main focus is on Russell and his thoughts. His thinking was overly analytical and I was bored at times. Russell convinced himself he should not have a social life because he had to be a responsible father. Russell felt he wasn’t allowed to do both.

This book could have also benefitted from another go round with editing.

I do have some positive things to say as well. I do believe there was potential for a very sexy, enjoyable romance. I believe if this book was written in the first or even third person with both H/h perspectives, I would have had more of a connection to Russell and Annie.

The author created a sexy, gorgeous character in Russell. He was an amazing and devoted single father to his six year old daughter, Francis. I could see her as a scene stealer for sure. She was adorable.

Annie was very mature for her age. She was responsible and kind. As for Annie’s overprotective father….he was a bit over-the-top; but in a humorous way.

Please, please keep in mind that my reviews are based on my preferences as a reader. What I dislike, you may love. What I find confusing, you may understand. This author has a talent for writing and I can see that in her sentence structure. So if you aren’t put off by the non-typical style of narration, then you may likely enjoy this book.

*I voluntarily read and reviewed a complimentary copy of this book. My opinions are honest and unbiased.*

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