My Rating:  5

Cover:  5

Genres:  Erotic Romance

Release Date:  May 5, 2017

Read:  April 16, 2017

POV:  First-person dual perspectives


Series:  Blue Falls:  Worth The Chance; Worth The Risk;  Clipped; Worth The Fight; Wild; Worth The Wait



A fresh start, that’s why you’re here.
A chance to lay low while the dust settles.
No more medical bills, no more pushy customers and no more coasting by.
It’s time to start living.

Eric Doyle buried his wife three years ago and in that time has adjusted to life as a single parent to their only child. He’s got no time to be selfish and even less time to worry about the fact that his love life is non-existent. He’s got a routine that suits him just fine and a secure life built for his daughter and he most certainly doesn’t have time for a woman like Grey…carefree, overly friendly with whiskey brown eyes and legs that seem to go on forever beneath worn out denim shorts. Not that he’s noticed.

For reasons he can’t even begin to understand, Eric soon finds himself in close quarters with Grey and on top of that, relying on her kindness to help him out of a bind.

Opposites soon attract, igniting a pent up desire that’s been simmering close to the surface.

But actions speak louder than words, some things are easier said than done and when Grey’s past catches up with them can Eric see clearly enough to stand by her side? Can they each move forward from their respective pasts and form a new path together?

Each book in the Blue Falls Series can be read as a standalone but it is shamelessly recommended that you read the books in order. All are currently available on Amazon.

Worth the Chance – Book 1
Worth the Risk – Book 2
Clipped (a Blue Falls novella) – Book 2.5
Worth the Fight – Book 3
Wild (a Blue Falls novella) – Book 3.5

**the town of Blue Falls is fictional**

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My Review:

Worth the Wait (Blue Falls #4)Worth the Wait by Stella James

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I loved this book! What a great story! Great characters! I loved every page! I’m so sorry to see the Blue Falls Series come to an end; it was such an amazing series.

Grey and Eric…..

This last book in the Blue Falls series had so many ‘feels.’ In addition, this book was extra sentimental to me because it ends the series. We start off with Eric who is a widower raising his six year old daughter by alone. After we learn his wife dies, I was heartbroken for Eric. Now, three years after his wife’s death, Eric remains single. By choice. No doubt he is lonely because he always puts his daughter’s needs before his own. Unfortunately, not only is he sexually frustrated, he has become somewhat of a grump and a prude, for lack of a better word. Other than his family and a few close friends, Eric doesn’t really socialize, especially with woman. If he doesn’t think they are good enough to be around his daughter, he doesn’t bother with them. And unfortunately, Eric doesn’t believe he ever will. Until Grey comes to town. Unfortunately, Grey and Eric don’t hit it off right away.

That’s all on Eric.

When Eric encounters Grey for the first time, he is quick to make assumptions and is even a little condescending. Of course he is not blind to Grey’s sex appeal but without even getting to know her first, he makes wrongful accusations and is out of line when he speaks with her. Actually, Eric puts his foot in his mouth on more than a couple of occasions when it comes to Grey. Those moments in the book were some of my favorites. Why? Because I love when the hero in a book makes mistakes and has to grovel now and then. For me that shows depth in character. I knew Eric was a good man. He just needed someone to nudge him out of his self imposed abstinence.

Grey is in Blue Falls to start over. She hopes to make a new life for herself there as well as some new friends. Grey also has a secret that will reveal soon enough. Although circumstances decided for her that it was time to move, Grey was more than happy to leave her old life behind.

Grey was a perfectly flawed character. I loved how she almost always kept her cool when Eric was being a jerk. Notice how I said ‘almost?’ Add to her demure, Grey always had a smile on her face. She was genuine, considerate and kind. She was amazing with Eric’s daughter, Jamie.

Of course, it didn’t take long for Eric to cave. His desire for Grey was intense as well as hers for him. When they gave into their attraction for the first time it was scorching hot, passionate and intense.

I loved how their relationship developed and grew slowly. Even though their feelings for each other were intense, both Grey and Eric were hesitant to confess how they felt.

Worth The Wait has a lot of ‘feels.’ There is some suspense and even a bit of action. The writing flowed nicely. The pace of the story was steady to fast making it a quick read. Quick, yes. But definitely satisfying. That said, I have read the entire Blue Falls series and with each new addition, this author’s writing grew and developed just as wonderfully as the characters of Blue Falls themselves. I also believe it is a great accomplishment to publish an entire series in a year’s time.

I am truly sad to see this series come to an end. With Blue Falls we were introduced to many likable and relatable characters. Sexy, gorgeous heroes…..strong, courageous heroines. If you haven’t yet, I recommend you add this series to you TBRs. I promise you won’t be disappointed!

*I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this novel. My opinions are honest and unbiased.*

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I enjoy reading, yoga, beer and/or wine (the order changes, depending on my mood). I write in my limited spare time for your reading pleasure and also to silence the various characters that have taken up residence in my cute little head. I live in Canada and prefer dogs over cats.

I have been known to dabble in whatever strikes my fancy at the time. Candle making, scarf knitting, gardening, the list is endless but I always come back to writing.

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