From Solitude


Lainy Bradshaw

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Sally was your normal everyday North Devon Policewoman. Settled and content
in her self-made life after her ordeal. Jacob lived a sheltered, devout
life, one that had him at a significant disadvantage. Brought together by
tragedy & abuse, the ultimate reward for their battery was the one
thing they had both been denied: True Love With determination, patience and
respect, Sally leads Jacob from solitude and brings him into the light of
the world he was denied. But when all is well, life has been transformed,
and the healing has begun, will Sally’s secret undo it all?


Jacob awoke, slowly, hearing what sounded like an angel, but this wasn’t
right, he deserved to burn in hell. His father told him this so often that
it must be true, but a demon wouldn’t have a warm, soft voice, full of
concern and sympathy.

“Jacob? Jacob? Can you hear me? What happened to you? Please wake up, I
can’t get a signal down here and I don’t want to leave you.”

Sally was kneeling beside him, her face lined with concern and worry. Jacob
opened his eyes, and the angel’s face swim into focus. She was as beautiful
as he remembered.

“What? How did you get in?” His mind racing, panic surging through him, his
back burning and tight from the kiss of the leather strap. Resisting the
urge to stroke his face, though wanting to very much, knowing this would
not have the calming effect she wanted, Sally answered, her voice soft, as
if talking to a wounded animal.

“I called out, when you didn’t answer I went around to the kitchen. The
door was unlocked, I was worried about you. When I found you down here, I
thought you were dead. What happened to you? Who did this to you?” Sally’s
mind was racing. Had he been attacked? Unlikely, no one knew he was here,
unless it was a random criminal stumbling across the house. That was even
more unlikely, so what the hell happened here? Jacob was covered in blood,
even more pale than before. But his was a mystery that would have to wait,
she needed to get Jacob upstairs and see what injuries he had.

“Can you stand? I need to get you off this cold floor.” She held out her
hand, and he slowly placed

his in hers. She felt the rough callouses borne of a life of hard labour,
but his grip was firm and she helped to haul him to his feet. As he stood,
his head started spinning and he stumbled forward, right into Sally’s arms,
and he felt, briefly, her warm soft body against his, and he liked the
sensation. Then the thought of what he had already had to do hit him and he
pushed her away.


Lainy has had a varied career, having many different jobs from working as a
health care assistant, to serving five years in the RAF, to stitching
underwear for a large department store chain. She is currently doing hard
labour in retail. She had a love of black cats, cruising and coffee. She
lives in Cambridgeshire and when not writing or wearing a plastic grin at
work, can be seen out and about with her trusty old Nikon, indulging in her
hobby of photography.

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