Hunter Byrne is bored. After watching his closest friends settle down one by one, he’s tired and lonely. Two words will fix both his boredom and his loneliness. Lola Von. Lola is fiery, mouthy and sexy-definitely not boring-she’s the first woman to chase away his loneliness. Lola also needs protecting and Hunter isn’t about to let someone else protect what’s his.

One thing Lola Von doesn’t want is someone telling her what to do. Been there, done that. Lola lives for herself, and no one, not even the sexiest man she’s ever met, is going to change that. Even if Hunter Byrne might be her Mr. Right. All Lola wants is a Mr. Right Now; because she’s tried the happily ever after before. And it sucked.

Hunter plans to do whatever it takes to make Lola burn for him.

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Book 1 and 2 in the Burn Series:

31084460 Cage Cooper is a hotshot firefighter in Chicago. When he’s not putting out fires, he’s starting them between willing women’s legs. Busy blazing a trail of broken hearts with satisfied lady parts, Cage is a man on a mission. Believe it or not, Cage is looking for love, though maybe in all the wrong places.

Charli Dixon wants nothing more than to not be noticed. Chicago is the perfect locale to do just that. Back home her tragic life was all anyone talked about and she was tired of the sympathetic looks followed by invasive questions. People lose things every day in a city like Chicago. People find things too, amazing, life changing pieces of their puzzle they never had a clue were missing.

Cage knows the minute he meets Charli that he’s found his missing piece. Now he just has to convince her that what burns between them won’t burn them to ash.

My Review For:  Let It Burn by Dee Ellis



32814745 Finn Cooper is living the life of a real life hero: saving lives by day, giving orgasms by night. He’s fairly skilled with both, too. That is until his best friend’s little sister decides she wants him to be her super hero.

Gigi Cooper is not used to holding her tongue. Just wasn’t raised that way; and Gigi wants Finn Cooper. Her brother’s best friend. Gigi is the last Cooper waiting to find her happily ever after, but she knows a secret: hers has been there the entire time.

Can Gigi convince Finn she’s worth the risk? Or will the threat of something real and solid be enough to force Finn to burn them both to the ground?

My Review For:  Burn It Down: Burn Series #2 by Dee Ellis