My Rating:  5

Genres:  Romance, Erotica, Comedy, Menage

Published:  March 24, 2017

Read:  March 12, 2017

POV:  First-person alternating perspectives


Series:  Hot Candy:  #1 Candy Boys; #2 Candy Ever After; #3 Dirty Princes



Once upon a time, there lived a princess called Brylee who had a cat and a steady job and her eye on a handsome prince.

But Prince Ryan refused to put out. So she baked cookies and buttered muffins, without any double meaning whatsoever, and saved her cherry for her prince.

Who was being difficult and not following the damn script.

Then Riddick walked through the door and ate her cookie.

Literally, okay? It was a good cookie, too, with chocolate chip.

Riddick is drop-dead gorgeous, but not a prince. Regardless, Brylee can’t fight that burning attraction.

Even when Ryan does a turn-about and starts showing interest in her, after all this time.

This isn’t how things were supposed to happen. She was supposed to get a prince, not get caught between a hot prince and a hunky pauper.

Come on.

Especially not when said prince and pauper can’t stand each other.

Brylee isn’t above letting two men fight for her. That’s the essence of a good fairytale, right? A fight, a winner, a grand wedding and a happily ever after.

It’s fine. After all, she doesn’t want them both.

At the same time. In her bed. Like, ever.



My Review:

Dirty Princes (Hot Candy, #3)Dirty Princes by Jo Raven

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

As with any Jo Raven book, I am very impatient for the releases. Especially when I know it’s coming soon. Also, I have been known (often) to stop what I am currently reading and start her book. Jo Raven is a one-click author for me. I do not need to know what the book is about before reading them. I have been a fan of her writing all the way back to Asher, which was the first book I read.

With this series, Hot Candy, not only do we get her imperfect, often times emotionally broken characters, but there is humor to balance out those moments you want to cry.

Dirty Princes feature three main characters. This is a menage romance. Brylee, Riddick and Ryan. I loved all three of these soulful characters. Each has their own personality, and their own emotional issues, past and present. Brylee, Riddick and Ryan didn’t start off as a trio and there was some angst and even a bit of animosity but they were perfect for each other. I loved how, despite their need for each other, they always considered feelings. And their intimate moments were smoking hot!

There was some angst. Riddick was dealing with an addicted mother and a younger brother with his own issues. Ryan was dealing with his own issues that were fearful and emotional and not revealed immediately. Brylee is just fighting for her planned-out happily ever after. And it’s not going as ‘planned.” But Brylee is a fighter; she perserveres no matter the amount of set-backs.

As this sweet, sexy, passionate and oftentimes humorous story unfolds, I stayed engaged and engrossed in every moment. Jo Raven is a very talented writer. She leaves nothing out of her story; you’ll smile, laugh, cry, get frustrated and then be so damn relieved when the HEA comes. So worth the angsty wait. All of the ‘feels’ are there.

Dirty Princes was book three in this series. I wasn’t the biggest fan of Brylee in the first two books. She was very opinionated and flighty. However, after reading Dirty Princes, she more than redeemed herself for me. In fact, this book was my favorite of the three books so far. I say so far because I am hoping it is not the end. There is still Riddick’s brother Xavier and Brylee’s friend Simone who I hope will get their own book, whether it is with each other or or not. And if I know Jo, she won’t leave us hanging. She is a master at tying up lose ends and always wanting more.

*I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this novel. My opinions are honest and unbiased.

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