One Special Love ~~ Abby Gale ~~Sienna Grant


My Rating:  4

Cover:  4

Genres:  Contemporary Romance (with a bit of ghost 😉 )

Releasing:  March 28, 2017

Read:  March 18, 2017

POV:  First-person dual perspectives

Standalone ~ however I recommend you read One Night Only, prior.





My life stopped after I lost the love of my life before we even had the chance to begin.

But now my heart has found another reason to start beating again.


He’s a walking contradiction. One minute he’s rude and cold, the next, caring and passionate. He enters my life and steals my heart with his deeply engrained scars.

Can he let go of the ghost from his past and let me in?


This isn’t my story; I’m just the spectator in the background.

And I’m dead.


My Review:

 One Special LoveOne Special Love by Abby Gale and Sienna Grant

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

First thing that drew my interest in this book was the blurb. A contemporary romance with a ghost? Yeah, I’m definitely interested.

If you’ve read One Night Only, which I recommend you do beforehand, then you already know who Ashton is, and who April was. April and Ashton had no relationship prior to their one night together. But in that short time a strong bond was formed. When April died, Ashton was devastated. Being they only spent hours together, it was a little difficult to believe he could be hurting so much; that he could be so grief stricken. Still, I loved the powerful message I received from that book.

One Special Love shows how Ashton is dealing with his guilt and grief. When he can’t control his grief any longer, he heads to his family’s secluded cabin, where he hopes he could deal better with his pain. The problem though, is that Ashton doesn’t deal with it. He believes he should suffer. I thought Aston was a little over-the-top with his behavior. It was difficult to connect with that aspect. The reason I felt it was hard to believe or connect with, was because of the short time he was actually with April. Had they been dating, then this would be a non issue for me. That said, I still loved this story and the journey Ashton and Acacia and even April were on.

Ashton meets a young woman who stirs all types of emotions in him. Good and bad. But of course he doesn’t believe he should be happy so he fights his feelings. Even though he can’t deny a connection with Acacia, he still does his best to push her way. There was a lot of hot and cold going on with Ashton’s behavior towards Acacia.

I liked Acacia a lot. She was spunky and personable and I knew she was what Aston needed in his life. I believed they were meant to be. I believed his experience with April was meant to bring him to Acacia. Acacia was his destiny, not April.

The journey to happily ever after for Ashton and Acacia was not easy. Their HEA seemed like it would never happen until Ashton learned to deal with his emotions. Lucky for him, Acacia was emotionally strong and patient with him. She had her own pain to deal with but she wanted to be there for Ashton. And she was.

The writing in this novel flows well and the pace is steady. Being invested in Ashton and Acacia’s HEA I couldn’t help but to devour this book quickly. From the beginning I was routing for their HEA but had my doubts at times. I can’t tell you how relieved I was that Ashton finally let his grief go.

*I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this book. My opinions are honest and unbiased.*

**Reviewed by Christine ~ Romance book blog**

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Abby Gale is an alter ego who likes to write as much as reading. She loves writing erotica with little suspense in it. Finally, she found the courage she was looking for and decided to publish her book.

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