Possessed – Part of complete King brothers series’ boxed set – Coco Cadence

Boxed Set Releasing March 19, 2017 


Genres:  Romance, Erotica, Light BDSM

Release Date: (boxed set)  March 19, 2017

Read: March 16, 2017

My Rating:  4

Cover:  5

POV:  Told in first-person single perspective (heroine)

Series:  The Kings:  Possessed; Billionaire Bad Boy; Bastard



~ Possessed – Part One

My boss is an **hole.

I’d take off my heels and throw them at his face, if they weren’t so expensive.

Why? Because my boss, the sexy, billionaire bad boy Leo King, wants me to be his wife.

That’s right. His wife. Except, it isn’t real. It’s all pretend so his family believes it, and I’m supposed to go along with it.

**hole doesn’t even begin to describe him, and it’s only going to get worse. Especially because his cocky attitude and sudden interest in my private life make it difficult to concentrate on something other than his sexual innuendos. I always do what he wants, and we both know it. It’s not like I have a choice. Agree or get fired.

I’m going to need a drink … Or twenty.

~ Possessed – Part Two

I thought it couldn’t get any worse when my boss, the billionaire bad boy Leo King, blackmailed me into becoming his fake wife. Turns out he has secrets up his sleeve that put a whole new spin on the word Dbag.

Not only did he put my job on the line, my heart has now also become his playground. He seduced me once, but I refuse to fall for his lies again.

If only I had enough chocolate to distract me from his sexy presence. Something tells me he won’t give up the fight to claim me again.

Is he really only into one-night stands or is he lying to get into my pants? Only one way to find out … Time to buy more booze.

~ Possessed Part Three

My boss, the billionaire bad boy Leo King, not only tricked me into being his fake-wife, but the dirty secret he’s been keeping from me is now also exposed.

I can’t believe I fell for his lies, and worse, I still want him. He says he loves me, but does that fix everything?

The joke is on me. His crazily hot presence is impossible for me to deny. Fighting temptation or risking it all; the choice is simple, but the consequences are tough.

However, when new revelations threaten to break us apart, there is only one thing I can do: Stock up on chocolate and sit this f**ker out until the end.


My Review:

Possessed - The Complete Series: Part One, Part Two & Part Three (Possessed, #1-3)Possessed – The Complete Series: Part One, Part Two & Part Three by Coco Cadence

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Before getting to my review, I’ll say that the first two parts of this series remained at a steady 3 stars. It wasn’t until after reading the last part that my rating increased. I rounded up from 3.75 stars. As an overall, I enjoyed this series.

Leo King and Samantha Webber……

Leo King is the CEO of a popular woman’s magazine. His personality is much to be desired. He is arrogant and condescending. Throughout the book, Sam constantly referred to him as an A-hole. And he was definitely that. Even despite his genuine feelings for Sam, he remained an arrogant jerk.

Sam worked for Leo as his assistant. She did not like him but she needed her job so she put up with his attitude. What impressed me about Sam was that she freely spoke her mind, regardless of her status as Leo’s employee.

Tension starts from the first pages when Leo tells Sam he needs her to pretend to be his wife. He gives her an offer she can’t refuse. However, Leo doesn’t give her the truth. That was something I didn’t like. He was full of lies. It became his norm, that he only confessed when he was caught.

This book was predictable but I didn’t mind. I did enjoy this book. And the end was pretty good.

I liked Sam as a character. She was real and sassy. Some of the things she said were funny. I loved the moments when she put Leo in his place. Which was often. Sam, on the other hand, had to earn my respect. Yes he was wealthy, good looking and sexy but his attitude bothered me a bit, and his inability to be honest as well.

This book was written in first-person perspective giving us Sam’s POV. That said, I would have liked this book a lot more, perhaps loved it, if we had Leo’s POV as well. There were many moments in this book where I wondered his true intentions. I wanted to trusting understand him more than I did. Being inside his ‘head’ would have made this book better. But that is just my opinion. My preferences are dual perspectives. I know that a lot of readers are fine with just one, and I respect that. I just prefer two.

That said, there are two more King brothers that we got to meet briefly. They have their own books and I admit to being curious about their stories. Not to sound like a hypocrite, I may read them despite my perspective preference.

*I voluntarily read and reviewed a complimentary copy of this novel. My opinions are honest and unbiased.*

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