Mastering Her Heart – Dani Wyatt


Genres:  Romance, Daddy Kink, Older man/Younger woman

Published:  March 10, 2017

Read:  March 13, 2017

My Rating:  4



POV:  Told in first-person dual perspectives.


The night Willow Wilson walks through the doors of my private club, all my self-control vanishes. I am known as Lord Tower, master and owner of a discreet establishment where fantasies become a reality. Years ago when fate first brought Willow to me, she was my step-daughter. She called me Daddy, then. And she will again if I have my way.

In the time since we’ve been apart, she’s only grown more beautiful. Her lush curves have filled out. Her heart calls to me. And I will have her even if I have to kick down the very doors of hell to make her mine. Right or wrong.

But even Lords have weaknesses. And she is the one for which I will give everything, even if it means letting her go. Again.

Author Note: Never fear, this book is still as safe as can be. There is as much darkness in this hot little read as there is light. As much swoony sweetness and steamy sexiness as you expect. But be warned, this Daddy is done waiting and his princess is about to be claimed.


My Review:

Mastering Her Heart

Dani Wyatt always manages to make me smile with her over-the-top sexy, dirty talking alpha heroes. Her novels are short and sweet and I usually read them on or close to release day. From start to finish, I enjoyed this somewhat taboo novel. Pike was Willow’s step-father. There is a story there that I won’t go into so you can enjoy it for yourself. Don’t worry though, it’s not high on the creepy scale.

The blurb pretty much sums up the premise of this book so I won’t repeat that. I will say there is a bit of angst and mystery but that is easily and quickly resolved.

Pike owns an exclusive, invitation only, sex club. Knowing that, I admit to being a little disappointed that there was no venture into BDSM. Pike was certainly dominant enough and I believe that Willow would have been receptive if he wanted to ‘play.’

But holy smokes! Pike was a sexy older man and Willow was one lucky, lucky girl! There were some steamy, sexy, erotic moments in this book. By the end of this book I was giddy. For lack of a better word…..that was exactly how I felt. Couldn’t stop smiling. I mean…come on…only in these cheesy, awesome, insta-love novels do we get to vicariously. 😉

One more time for good measure…..I loved that sexy Pike Richards!!
*I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this book. My opinions are honest and unbiased.*

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Author Bio:

Dani Wyatt

Since I was a little girl, I’ve made up stories. I would lay in my bed at night and before I knew what a trope was, I would make up these trope filled stories. Boy sees girl, boys falls for girl, boy saves girl….happily ever after. As I got older, the stories turned steamier and more intricate, but the basics never changed.

Now, my books are still full of romance but the naughty bits are naughtier, my hero’s are obsessed alpha types and my heroines are quirky, real women who come in all shapes and sizes.

So, sit back, banish the real world and get lost in some over the top romance with a heaping helping of hot. xoxoxo