Genres:  Romance, Erotic Romance, Suspense, Dark, Emotional

Published:  March 9, 2017

Read:  March 9, 2017

My Rating:  5

Cover:  5

POV:  First-person dual perspectives


Series:  Sex Me:  Date Me; Study Me



Work, Study, eat, and repeat. For the life of a pre-med student Marley Murphy has her work cut out for her.

To make matters worse, her professor Houston Dale is one of the hardest teachers around. His sole purpose is to make each student suffer.

When Marley is asked to be his assistant for the semester forbidden sparks will fly between them.

Houston Dale hates teaching Anatomy. With a secret past he won’t let anyone get too close.

But, when his assistant lives across an alleyway and he can see all the naughty things she does in her bedroom at night, Houston can’t contain himself.

Forced to choose between his past and present, will Houston be able to be strong enough to withstand the temptation of his student?

This is a forbidden Professor/Student affair. Get ready as Houston and Marley heat up the pages and your hearts.


My Review:

Study MeStudy Me by Logan Chance

My rating: 5 of 5 stars
Houston and Marley…….

Study Me is the 4th book I have read by Logan Chance. They were all amazing and I greedily devoured each one. I couldn’t read fast enough and was so engrossed I needed to get to the finish line asap. Every one of Logan’s books had that effect on me.

Study ME was darker than the others and I admit this book caused me some serious distress. It was downright dark, yet poignant and passionate as well.

Houston was a complete A-hole. Even though we didn’t get the ‘why’ until late in the book, you can easily infer from his thoughts and even some actions, that he had a tortured soul. Houston Dale was in emotional pain and distress. God my heart bled for him. Even before the ‘reveal’ I knew that whatever it was that was causing his suffering would be gut wrenching and unimaginable. Even so, I wasn’t prepared for that ‘moment’ in the book that reached inside of my chest and ripped out my heart.

I cried too.

Dr. Houston Dale is a professor at NYU and taught anatomy. Was he gorgeous and sexy? Yup. Was the female student population attracted to him? Yup. But alas, Dr. Dale was a certifiable A-hole. A condescending jerk. He was also rude and impatient. There was no happy persona surrounding him at all. And yet, Marley could not stay away.

Marley was Houston’s student and eight years younger. She unsuccessfully tried to hide her attraction. I have to mention this…..she did a lousy job of hiding it. So yeah, that scene on the plane had me feeling mortification right along with her. :/

Marley knew she had to keep her feelings for Houston locked up. It was too hard. Despite Houston’s dark persona and condescending attitude, Marley still saw through his armor. She knew he was hurting but didn’t know why. What she did know was that her feelings for Houston were growing despite the casual status of their ‘relationship’ that they agreed upon.

Feelings weren’t only changing for Marley.

I don’t want to give any spoilers so I won’t get into any more details. I do want to say that I was completely along for the ride with Houston and Marley.

I loved every single moment of this book. It was sexy and erotic. There was passion and pain. But there was also oh so much pleasure.

Without hesitation, I recommend this book as a MUST READ! ABSOLUTELY!

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Author Bio:

Logan Chance enjoys the simple things in life. Star Wars, music, and pretty girls. Always in trouble at school, he was made to copy the dictionary while the others played. This began his word fascination.

With a love of words he then realized he loved stringing those same words together to create stories to inspire all.

From Boston, and relocated to Florida, he lives out his days writing, reading, and avoiding the beach.

Not afraid to tell it how it is, Logan is definitely a man of his own.