Saint Jude – Frankie Love


Genres:  Romance, Adult, Erotica, Light Suspense

Published:  September 19, 2016

Read:  February 1, 2017

Kindle Edition:  158 pages

My Rating:  5

POV:  Told in forst-person dual perspectives


Series:  Los Angeles Bad Boys:  #1 Cold Hard Cash; #2 Hollywood Holden; #3 Saint Jude

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“I need her in a way that won’t take no for an answer.”


When Catalina walks in the door, my heart stops.

She’s my best friend’s little sister, Etta’s babysitter,

and hot as hell.

The timing is all wrong. 

She’s too young, lost, and doesn’t know what she wants.

I have a baby and don’t need another person to take care of.

But then I take her against the wall and she finds her way into my motherf*cking heart.

The truth is, I’m the lost cause, and Catalina might be the one person who can save me.


I came to LA needing to escape an a-hole who was using me.

Six months later I end up at Jude’s house.

I’m a hot mess … but Jude? He’s hotter.

And walking into his home, seeing that Etta’s mother skipped town,

I realize I’m not the only mess around.

It starts as a one-afternoon stand— two people craving connection.

But quickly becomes more.

Trouble is, my past is catching up with me.

We might not have forever — but we have today. 


My Review:

Saint Jude (Los Angeles Bad Boys #3)Saint Jude by Frankie Love

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Cover: 5

Where to start…….
Ok, so there were a lot of mixed reviews on this book. Not all good. All I can say is I’m glad I went with my gut and read it. I really loved it! Of course I have always been a fan of sexy bad boys with babies. In addition, I have been anticipating Jude’s book since he was introduced in Cold Hard Cash. There was something very magnetic in his persona that appealed to me. I couldn’t help but love him.

Jude and Catalina…….

Jude has a dark and devastating past. His past has shaped him into the man he is today. Jude can’t help but to ‘take care’ of people. He never wants to let anyone down. Never again. But who takes care of him?

No one, really…But now Jude is taking on his most important task. A baby. By himself, Jude has to take care of his infant daughter. His ex-girlfriend just took off.

Catalina is Holden’s younger sister. (We meet Holden in Hollywood Holden.) Catalina has her own demons to deal with. She is staying with her brother instead of dealing with her problems. I have to admit for the first part of the book, I didn’t like Catalina very much. I understood that she was dealing with something dark but I just found her very immature and lazy. I mean that literally. Luckily through character development, Catalina matured and was finally able to find her place in life.

With Jude.

I liked Jude and Catalina as a couple. There were several bumps on their journey; his ex, her problem and that fact that Holden was being a brat.

But thankfully though, Catalina earned respect. From her family and from herself.

The end of this book was angsty and yes, I panicked a bit. I won’t give away details but I will say I was thrilled with how everything turned out.

Of all three Los Angeles Bad Boys books, Jude’s was my favorite.
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