Genres:  Romance, Adult, Erotica, Novella

Published:  February 12, 2017

Read:  February 19, 2017

Kindel Edition – 98 pages

My Rating:  4.5


POV:  Told in first-person singular by heroine


My mystery donor gave me twins.

I need money, but what boss would let me bring my twins to work? Just when it looks like I’m done for… HE answers my ad.

Cassius Anderson is rich, powerful, and he looks amazing in a suit. He says he needs someone to do light work for him at his home office. Most importantly, my twins can come with me.

Everything he offers makes it sound like he has a huge heart.

But he doesn’t.

He’s given me a great job and a place to stay, so why does he act so cold? So distant?

I’m sure he hates me… until the first time he kisses me.

After that, he’s a whole different man—someone who can’t get enough, who won’t stop touching me.

What I don’t know is that Cassius has a huge secret.

And it’s going to change my whole world when I find out what it is.



My Review:

The Billionaire's Secret BabiesThe Billionaire’s Secret Babies by Penny Wylder

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Cover: 5

Manila and Cassius…..

This was a charming, delightful and erotic story. I was enamored by this book from the beginning. Of course, I am always a sucker for a sexy hero with babies. So swoon worthy.

Manila has had enough of dating. Every man in her life has let her down. But Manila always wanted a family. As soon as she was in a good place, financially, she made an informed decision to be artificially inseminated and ended up having twins! Luca and Lucie were adorable!

A few months after the babies were born, Manila lost her job. It became nearly impossible to find another job that would fit in with her schedule. But then luck is on her side when Manila decided to place a ‘situation wanted’ add.

Casious is a very wealthy, sexy, gorgeous business man. He answers Manila’s add and hires her as his personal assistant. Manila would work in her own office in Cassius’ home. The most amazing part was that she could bring her babies to work with her.

At first Cassius was standoffish and guarded with Manila. But when it came to the babies, he was openhearted and generous with smiles. It took some time but Manila and Cassius fell into a relationship. It started as casual but quickly evolved to more.

I absolutely adored this sweet and sexy romance. Manila and Cassius deserved love and they longed to have that with each other. Manila wanted a man who was trustworthy and would accept her and her children. Cassius was happy to be that man; he longed for a family of his own.

There is a small bit of angst but nothing that doesn’t resolve quickly. But Cassius does have a secret. A big one! What will happen when all is revealed? Even though this book was a bit predictable, I still loved it. One more thing…I wished we had Cassius POV as well. I wanted to know him better and not being able to be in his head was a little disappointing and the reason for my 4.5 star rating instead of 5.

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