Genres:  Erotic Romance, Adult, Virgin Heroine

My Rating:  4

Published:  December 9, 2016

Read:  February 19, 2017

Told in third person single perspective by heroine.

Standalone – Kindel edition:  18 pages


After all these years, Liam better be worth the wait.

Being the artsy band nerd in high school, Abby could only watch as her crush, Liam, barely noticed her. The football star hardly looked in her direction. Now in her 20s, the lust didn’t fade. If anything, it’s stronger. Maybe that’s why she’s still a virgin. Maybe that’s why she’s still waiting.

One night, fate thrusts her into Liam’s arms, and she’ll have to see if she has the guts to go for her first time.

(This explicit story is intended for adult readers only)


My Review:

The Virgin and the Firefighter

The Virgin and the Firefighter by Ava Sterling

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

The Virgin and the Firefighter is by author Ava Sterling
Cover: 3.5

I would loosely describe this as romantic. There was no courting, no pursuing, no build of a relationship. I’m not even sure it ended in a relationship. I would say this has a HFN ending.

That said, I am rating this little novelette for exactly what it is; a short, sexy, erotic story.

Abby and Liam knew each other from high school. Abby always had a crush on Liam but was too intimidated to pursue it. Years later she still believes him out of her league. Unfortunately that doesn’t diminish her crush at all. Abby is still a virgin at 28 years old. There was never anyone she wanted to give her virginity to, except Liam. When a friend literally pushes her toward Liam one night at a local bar, she is determined to find her courage.

Liam was a great character even though there is little back story. But because of his words and actions with Abby I liked him immediately. Liam not only liked Abby, he respected her too. I thought he was sweet and at the same time, sexy.

I enjoyed this cute little story that I wish was longer. If your looking for a super short, super sexy story, you can read The Virgin and the Firefighter in about a half hour, more or less.

4 stars from me!

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