Genres:  Romance, Romantic Suspense, Adult, 

Published:  February 7, 2017

Read:  February 11, 2017

My Rating:  4.5

Kindle edition 338 pages


Told in dual first person perspectives

Series:  The Last Hangman MC:  #1 Saving Ayden; #2 Teaching Aleck;  #3 Healing Gabe; #4 Trusting Nicole; #4.1 A Merry Last Hangman Christmas; #5 Forgiving Nancy; #6 Stripping Callum  (I believe there is one more book to this series)


Callum Richardson has been through hell and back from the day he was born and things only got worse. It’s a miracle that he’s managed to stay alive and find the courage within himself not to pick the easy way out from his troubled life.

Annabella Williams’ life hasn’t been the easiest or remotely close to what she imagined it would be. She thought she’d have the normal American family and be content with her life. Instead, she finds herself pregnant and homeless at seventeen.

Callum and Annabella couldn’t be any more different from each other but those differences are what brings them together.

What happens when Callum’s past comes back and threaten both of their lives?

Will the past win or will Callum and Annebella’s love be stronger and help them conquer the adversities life threw their way?

My Review:

Stripping Callum (Last Hangman MC Book 6)Stripping Callum by Muriel Garcia

My rating: 4.5 Stars

Cover: 5

Having started this series with book six, I was worried I wouldn’t be able to follow along. All of the characters from the entire series make appearances. Actually, their support is up front and foremost. It was easy to derive at the fact that The Last Hangman MC is family above all else.

Although there were a few moments where Callum’s inner monologue talked of his past involving other members of LH, I was still able to enjoy the book. Callum went through a devastating past, beginning in early childhood. Life only got worse for him as he aged and matured. To say his life was filled with grief and pain is an understatement. On the outside, Callum had an intense, threatening persona. Though he justified his behavior, Callum has done some things you can’t ever come back from. Bad things. Truthfully knowing what Callum went through in his nearly 40 years, I can’t believe he is one of the good guys. A real softy. As long as you don’t threaten or hurt those he loves and has sworn to protect.

Callum’s troubles have once again found him. Events happening resulting from his past is once again threatening his future. A future he wants to share with beautiful, young Annabella; even though he knows he should stay away from her.

Annabella has also had a troubled childhood. It was not as brutal as Callum’s but grievous all the same. After she leaves home (at 17), Annabella travels from state to state in search of a place she could call home. Annabella needs to stop running; she needs stability and a steady income. Annabella doesn’t only need a safe place for herself. She is pregnant. I respected how strong and courageous she was. When she meets the giant, intimidating Callum Richardson, Annabella is attracted and mesmerized when most people would cower.

Callum and Bella were great together. Unfortunately, their road to happiness was not so great. In fact, it was dangerous, angsty, and emotional. There is violence in this book, inferred from the past and present happenings as well. Stripping Callum is NOT a sugary sweet romance. Both Callum and Bella were written as strong, complex characters. Although I came through this book’s ending loving them both, they were notably flawed. Both made poor choices. Especially Callum. I won’t say what happened but as a result, he dropped a couple of notches on my internal character rating scale.

So there is danger and suspense as well as violence and death. Despite all that the ending is wonderful. Callum and Bella (especially Callum) deserved love and happiness and a future filled with family and friends. I was so thrilled these two found each other. I deeply enjoyed this book and one day I’d like to read the entire LH series.

*I voluntarily read and reviewed a complimentary copy of this novel given to me by the author*

Author Bio:  Muriel Garcia:


Muriel Garcia is an indie author from Belgium.

She started writing in 2005 but never published anything until 2015 when she decided to bite the bullet and just do it. She’s grateful for all the amazing people she got to meet through her passion for writing.

The ‘Last Hangman MC Series’ is the one that made people find out about her but since then she released a contemporary series – Love At Firsts – and a dark gory thriller trilogy – The Reaper Trilogy – which people have compared to Stephen King on crack — thing she’s rather proud of.

Some of her favourite things include snowy days, live music, horror movies, ghost stories, travelling and of course, a cosy day spent with a good book.

Feel free to keep in touch with Muriel, she loves to hear from her readers.

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