Genres:  Romance, Romantic Suspense, Erotica, Adult

Published:  June 16, 2016

Read:  February 9, 2017

My Rating:  4

Not a standalone; ends in a cliffhanger!

Series:  Quake #1; Quiver (Quake #2) Also related:  Delve; Tied (wedding novella) and Delude (coming March 2017)

Told in first person dual perspectives


From the first moment I saw Janny Moore’s sparkling eyes and luminous smile, I’ve been obsessed with the idea of getting to know her…


She’s everything I need in my life, now I just have to convince her.

She’s never set eyes on me, she has no idea I exist…

but she will.

Librarian Note: This book is Part 1 of a series and ends with a cliffhanger. The next book is ‘Quiver’.

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“This is what I’ve been waiting for and this has to be the best first kiss of her life. Every other first kiss I’ve given has been building toward this moment.”


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My Review:

 Quake (Quake, #1)Quake by Jacob Chance

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Cover:  5

Quake: (Quake series #1) is by author Jacob Chance.

So, my first book by Jacob Chance was Delve. That said I just had to go back and read Quake and Quiver to catch up. Delve can be read as a standalone however I recommend reading the Quake series beforehand. Doing so will only make your experience that much better.

Quake was intense. The romance between the H/h was passionate, erotic and sensual. There was suspense going on that had me freaking out at times. I would also say, in my opinion, that there was a bit of thriller in this book as well. For a first book, I was very impressed by this author. I admit I am not a huge fan of suspense without romance but I would read this author regardless. How can I say that after reading only one book? At the time of this review, I can truthfully say that I have read, Quiver and Delve and I am a fan.

This book features Kyle and Janny. These are both characters with devastating pasts. Kyle and Janny both had to deal with loss and grief. I loved that this book was fast-paced and I finished it in a couple of hours, giving me plenty of time to read Quiver directly after. Yeah after that cliffhanger there was no way I could go to sleep without finding out what happened.

I’ll say that Kyle and Janny were perfect together and for each other. I felt the connection between them; it was solid and believable. Not once did I doubt their love, even through the bad times. There are several obstacles thrown at them. I experienced the angst. There were secrets, making for a not-so-pretty reaction when revealed. There were plenty of OMG and WTF moments as well. Something else I loved about this novel was having both Kyle and Janny’s perspectives. I don’t enjoy books as much where there is only a single POV. I need to be inside the H/h’s heads in order to connect to both.

Janny was adorable, sweet and kind and I absolutely adored her. Kyle was sexy, alpha, dominant and very intense. He was crazy in love with Janny and I loved his protective and possessive side. I don’t want to say too much more since this is a short novel and fast-paced. I will just warn you that there is a throw-your-Kindle across the room cliffhanger. Thank God I downloaded both books because I would have gone crazy waiting. I. Am. Not. a fan of cliffhangers. That said I will just mention a second time that for a first novel, this book was very very good!

*Triggers:  Attempted rape


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