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Title: Sexy Bad Neighbor 
Author: Misti Murphy & Tami Lund 
Genre: Romance 


What happens when your neighbor hires you a stripper? 

It starts one hell of a prank war. A war that involves goats, phallic chandeliers, stolen kisses in the rain, strawgasms, and eating out on the kitchen counter. 

A war that could damn well involve two hearts and a plan. Her plan doesn’t involve falling in love. His life doesn’t involve plans.

This could be a problem.
 My Rating: 4.5

Cover: 5

Standalone novel

*I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this book.*

Paynter and Chloe…..

Sexy Bad Neighbor is my first book by both Misti Murphy and Tami Lund. I totally loved it! For a collaboration, I found perfect flow in the writing. The book itself was pretty steady to fast-paced. The back and forth banter, friendly and unfriendly, between Paynt and Chloe had me in tears. I will say that Paynt was a much better sport about the pranks than Chloe. However I have to give Chloe credit for her imagination. She was prudish but at the same time pretty damn funny.

Aside from the prank war…..

Chloe wants nothing more in life than to be successful at her job and in her life. She is a power hungry individual with a ‘life plan.’ Sadly for her, she is under the assumption that if she doesn’t achieve her goals, she is a failure. Chloe set the bar for herself too high. The main reason for her take-no-prisioners attitude was because she was betrayed by the man that claimed to love her. For a while, I thought Chloe was haughty and rude and I didn’t like her much. But thankfully by the end of the book she more than redeemed herself. It turned out that all she needed to feel good about herself was the heart of a good man.

Paynter…..Okay, I have never, ever come across that particular name before. As odd as I thought it was, it fit. Paynt was a drop-dead gorgeous, tech geek. His occupation may have stereotyped him as nerdy but I never felt he was. But the glasses?…..they worked! During Paynt’s first moments in the book, he came off as cocky and smug. It wasn’t long before I understood the motivation for his behavior towards Chloe. Let’s face it though, she didn’t make it easy for Paynt to behave.

What follows is a fun, sweet, sexy story. Yes very sexy. Lots of ‘sexy.’ I really loved this book. Paynt has three siblings that we were fortunate enough to meet. They each have distinct personalities. I hope the authors are planning to write their books because I would love to read them. The final secondary character I’d like to fondly mention is Spot. Actually Spot was more of a scene stealer. 🙂 But you’ll have to read Sexy Bad Neighbor for yourself to decide if you agree. 😉


Misti Murphy & Tami Lund They live on opposite sides of the world, but an eighteen-hour time difference doesn’t stop these two obsessed authors. They write, they debate over storylines, they thoroughly enjoy the process of gazing at hot men while trying to come up with cover ideas, they fall in and out of love with their characters, and at the end of the day (which day is anybody’s guess), they create sexy bad books for your reading pleasure.

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