Genres:  Romance, Adult, Erotica, Valentines Day

Release Day:  💘 February 14, 2017

Read:  February 8, 2017

My Rating:  5

Cover:  4


Told in first person perspective by Hero (Theo)

Series:  Crystal Cove Holidays:  Snow Angel; Stupid Cupid

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Crystal Cove Reminds You Of Love.

Theo Valentine doesn’t want to remember; not the cute little town, his forgone friends or the girl he’s done everything to forget. A lovely flower when he knew her a decade before, she’s bloomed into a stunning woman. A mother, a fighter and the sexiest thing he’s ever seen. Five years apart, and all the trying hasn’t done much to erase his feelings for her. Now, she’s the only thing that makes him want to remember.

Daisy Kirkpatrick might be tough-but she doesn’t want to be. Once the town sweetheart, her fairytale life fell apart piece by piece. Left with nothing but her precious twins and lots of bad memories, romance is the last thing she’s thinking about. Enter Theo-her secret high school crush-in town just long enough to make Daisy wonder if her fairytale is still coming true.


My Review:

Stupid Cupid (Crystal Cove Holiday #2)Stupid Cupid by Dee Ellis

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Stupid Cupid: Crystal Cove Holiday #2 is by author Dee Ellis.

So there were several aspects of this book that makes it one of my favorites. First, I’m a sucker for holiday romance; Christmas and Valentines being my favorites. Second, I love erotic romance. (who doesn’t 😉 ) That said, there are erotic novels and there are romance. But when an author can give both by making me believe in the love and not only lust…well…that’s another plus. Third, Stupid Cupid was fast paced and the writing flowed well enough that I devoured it quickly. And finally, Dee Ellis is an author that hasn’t let me down yet and I don’t foresee that ever happening. Dee is one of those authors whose writing speaks to me. Yeah, that may sound cheesy but I like what I like.

Theo Valentine is returning to Crystal Cove after being gone for ten years. He left as a teenager and never looked back. Until now. Theo left for a few reasons but the main one was Daisy Kirkpatrick. She was the girl next door, literally. She was the one he wanted to make a future with. Unfortunately, Daisy was also the one who broke Theo’s heart. Since this is such a fast-paced, short read, I won’t give details away. I will add, however, that things aren’t always what they seem. As a result, Theo regrets his hasty run from Crystal Cove. He realizes he should have stayed and fought for what he knew all along was his. Daisy.

In the ten years, Theo was gone, Daisy has not had an easy or happy life. She ended up will a selfish a-hole of a man she never loved. Dix. He treated her badly to say the least. The only good things that came out of her marriage to Dix (yeah, that name is completely fitting), is her twins. Oh. My. Gosh…those babies were adorable and scene stealers as well. 🙂

Theo and Daisy had to work for their HEA. They definitely had chemistry that was scorching AND the love they once had for each other never diminished. There was some miscommunication and secrets (on Theo’s part) from early on that added the angst needed to make their happily ever after so much more satisfying.

Oh, and that last chapter AND epilogue was amazing. I was goofy-grining the whole time. Add in the twins and it was so swoon-worthy. Totally romantic for Valentines Day.

                      *I voluntarily read and reviewed and advanced copy of this novel*


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