Naughty Doctor by Maddie King

Genres:  Romance, Adult, Erotica,

Releasing:  March 2, 2017 – TBD

Read:  February 3, 2017

My Rating:  4

Standalone – told in dual first person perspective



I’ve wanted her ever since I laid eyes on her in the coffee shop that day.

She’s got the perfect ass, the prettiest smile…and did I mention her ass?

But knowing she’s my patient now should make me steer clear.

I could lose my job, but who the hell am I kidding?

She’s a sexy woman and I want her.

All of her.

I will make her mine in every way and she’ll be glad I did.

She won’t be able to resist me after what I do to her body.

Who says doctors can’t have fun too?

**FYI: Naughty Doctor is exactly what the title says – NAUGHTY! If you’re ready to meet an alpha doctor that likes to take risks and have a little fun, get this quickie. Go on! The doctor is waiting. 😉 **

My Review:

Naughty DoctorNaughty Doctor by Maddie King
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Naughty Doctor  by author Maddie King.


Ben and Zoe…..

Naughty Doctor was a fun, sexy novel. I would describe it as totally over-the-top intsa lust that turned into love. Everything about it screamed sex and sensuality. Was it realistic? Hell no! It was total fantasy. Fortunately, not one of mine since my gynecologist is a woman. Lol.

Ben and Zoe briefly meet for a few minutes at a local coffee shop. Ben is instantly attracted. Unfortunately he let her leave without asking her out and regrets it. Two months later, he’s still thinking about her. Ben, a gynecologist soon finds out that Zoe is his next patient. He is both surprised and delighted. Of course he won’t let her get away this time. Finding her waiting in the exam room made him ecstatic and excited. Let me just say that Ben was unethical when it came to Zoe.

At first their relationship was casual but that quickly changes. There is a small amount of angst with a co-worker of Ben’s AND his ex-wife. Ben knows Zoe is special and he is determined to hold onto her. He will do whatever necessary to win her heart.

Naughty Doctor had a nice steady pace. There wasn’t any complexity to the characters but I didn’t mind. I loved this book for what it was; a sexy, steamy, insta love story featuring a very naughty doctor. 😉

*I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this novel*

Cover Rating:  4



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