Genres:  Romance, Adult, Erotica

Published:  August 14, 2016

Read:  February 1, 2017

Standalone 144 pages

Told in dual first person perspectives

Series:  Los Angeles Bad Boys:  Cold Hard Cash; Hollywood Holden; Saint Jude


“Once I start touching you, I won’t be able to stop.”


I get what I want.

Sex. Money. Fame.

But Bexley is the only thing I’ve ever needed.

Problem is, she doesn’t think I’ve changed my wild ways.

And f*ck, I haven’t.

But I will.

For her, I will do anything.

She was my best friend, but I’m ready to make her my woman.

I just need to convince her I’m not the guy I used to be.

That I’m more than an actor, I can be her leading man.


I’ve never given in to what I really want.

Moving to LA. Being an actress. Holden.

I’ve always held back.

Now I’m buried in regret for what could have been.

I walked away because I was scared.

After four years, I see him again.

I want to give him everything I denied him before.

Starting with my body.

He was my best friend until I broke his heart.

And now I am scared he’s going to break mine.

WARNING: This is a steamy, friends-to-lovers, second chance romance that will remind you of your first love. Pour some wine, turn down the lights, and relive the past with the hottest man in Hollywood.

My Review:

Hollywood Holden (Los Angeles Bad Boys #2)Hollywood Holden by Frankie Love

My rating: 3.5 Stars

Hollywood Holden: Los Angeles Bad Boys is by Frankie Love.

Hollywood Holden is book two in the LA Bad Boys series. I enjoyed this book but it was a bit monotonous at times. That said, book one was my favorite so far.

This book features Holden and Bryley. These two have known each other since high school but went their own ways after graduation. Holden was (still is) the boy who all the girls wanted. And given how gracious Holden was (cough, cough), he donated his services. Many times.

Bryley was the good girl. (still is) The smart girl that the boys liked well-enough, but just platonically. The irony between Holden and Bryley was that they bonded. Became best friends. They hung out together, talked together and they were enrolled in drama club together. Each unaware that the other was longing for more than friendship.

That changed at graduation…..

Holden wanted more and said as such. They had planned to head out together in search of acting careers. But at the last minute, Bryley changed her mind; she was afraid. Holden was devastated and they ended up having a huge argument. She not only ended up fracturing their friendship; she broke Holden’s heart.

Years later they meet again when Holden returns to town for a dedication of the new high school theatre. These days Holden is an A-list Hollywood actor while Bryley is a drama teacher at their old high school. As soon as he sees Bryley again, Holden is overcome with familiar feelings. He still wants Bryley and will do whatever he has to to have her. Heart and soul. Unfortunately that will be a difficult task. Holden is not only a famous Hollywood actor. Holden is a player. Because of his womanizing reputation, Bryley justifiably doesn’t trust him. She wants to but is afraid to take a chance. However she does give in for a night at least. But Holden tells her he wants more. This is where the monotony came into play; brought to the story by Bryley. Each time, and I mean that literally, she and Holden got together she started an arguement. All due to her insecurities. Instead of trying to work it out, she ran away. Every. Damn. Time. From the beginning she was a disappointment in a character. I just didn’t connect with her. Holden was a bit self centered, but I could understand that given the lifestyle he was used to. I expected nothing less. However, he loved Bryley and attempted to make positive changes in his life. Truth is…Bryley is the reason I couldn’t rate this book higher. Of course I understand that a book will be boring if there is no angst between the H/h. However, Bryley’s character never developed or grew til the very end. An ending which was rushed to say the least. I would have appreciated a grand gesture on her part to make things right. But they did have their HEA, so there is that. Overall it was a good story, I enjoyed reading it..

I am really looking forward to book three. That will feature Jude. Jude’s story is one I have been anticipating since we met him in book one. He was an intriguing, strong secondary character. I haven’t read his book yet but I’m already in love.

Review For: Cold Hard Cash: Los Angeles Bad Boys #1 by Frankie Love


Cover Rating:  4

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