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Published:  January 17, 2017

Read:  January 29,2017

My Rating:  5

Told in alternating third person perspectives


Series:  McLendon Family Saga:  The Heart Of Falcon Ridge; A McLendon Christmas;      Rock Star Cowboys; Rock Star Cowboys; The Honeymoon; The Hardest Goodbyes;  Return To Falcon Ridge   *note this amazing series is not over*


Torn between his first love…and a forbidden attraction he can no longer deny.

Jonah McLendon is no stranger to polyandrous love. With his mom married to his three dads, and his brothers sharing a wife, he didn’t think twice when his high school sweetheart, Chloe, revealed her secret desire for a ménage with his best friend. There was only one problem. He didn’t expect to fall for Pryce, too.

Beaten within an inch of his life after Chloe exposes their secret, and Pryce having been shipped off to a religious boarding school a half state away, Jonah tells the biggest lie of his life and leaves Falcon Ridge with his heart in pieces. When he returns a year and a half later, the last thing he expects to find is his best friend engaged to the girl who betrayed them both.

No longer the scared, confused kid he once was, Jonah is determined to get to the bottom of Pryce’s sham of an engagement, but the truth behind Chloe’s betrayal threatens more than his love for Pryce. If he can’t let go of the past and coax Pryce out of the closet, he could lose them both forever.

My Review:

Return to Falcon Ridge (McLendon Family Saga, #6)Return to Falcon Ridge by D.L. Roan

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Return To Falcon Ridge: McLendon Family Sage #6 is by author D.L. Roan.

D.L. Roan has a talent for writing erotica that is sweet and romantic. Not only are you enthralled by her intimate scenes but she is an established storyteller. D.L.’s aptness for putting pen to paper is a gift to us.

As with most of the McLendon novels, there is suspense, mystery and drama. Jonah, Pryce and Chloe’s book is no less intense. In fact, I found it the most heartbreaking. This book brought forth so many emotions from me. If you’ve read Rockstar Cowboys you know that something horrible happened to Jonah. There are only hints about what was going on, and I did have my suspicions, but there was much more to it.

Jonah, Pryce and Chloe were a team. Best friends for sure. She was also Jonah’s girlfriend. Then she was more. Sorry I won’t give anything away. 😉

Jonah returns to Falcon Ridge, his family home with a heavy heart, secrets and fears. But it was time to stop hiding. He fears what his family will say when they learn the truth about where he has been and why he left. Jonah has a lot of explaining and apologizing to do. And too his surprise, his family doesn’t judge him. However they are upset about his lies and the unnecessary worry he caused them. Myself included. I was chewing my nails waiting for this book and to find out if Jonah would be ok. Thankfully in Return To Falcon Ridge all our questions are answered.

Chloe is the girl Jonah loved; but not the only one he loved. She betrayed him in the worst way. Or so he thought. Coming home after eighteen months only to find out that Chloe was engaged to his best friend was worse than a punch in the face. Didn’t Pryce know she betrayed him as well?
As with most tragic stories, things aren’t always what they seem. But then truths are revealed and just maybe these three can find a happy ending. Unfortunately, the demons of this story are manipulation, prejudice and fear. Those are strong emotions to rise above.

Let’s not forget that love is the strongest.

Jonah, Pryce and Chloe are afraid. They are afraid of their unconventional feelings for each other. But most of all they are afraid to lose each other.

I will say I loved all three characters but Jonah stood out as the strongest emotionally. It helped that he had the support of a large, loving family. Jonah knew what he wanted and would listen to his father’s advice to ‘do whatever it took’ to make it happen. Jonah was the ‘rock.’ He was the true hero and I loved him for having such strong morals at his young age of almost 21.

I can go on and on and write pages summarizing this book but I won’t do that. You need to experience the McLendons for yourselves. D.L. Roan’s masterful writing created these characters with intensity and care and it shows on every page and in every written word.

For all the weight of worry they carried, Jonah, Pryce and Chloe were too young to have those troubles. Too young to deal with the complexity of their lives. This book was written in a way that was real, believable and nothing was held back. The bad times only made for a more satisfying ending.

I truly love this author’s writing and I will be pining, waiting for the release of Dani’s story next. D.L., please don’t make us wait too long!


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