Cover:  5

Published:  Novemebr 13, 2016

Read:  January 26, 2017

My Rating:  4

Told in 1st person POV by Hero (a couple of chapters from heroine at the end)

Standalone Novella

Series:  A Sex Me Novella: Date Me (first in series)


A Sex Me Novella

Erik Murphy has everything figured out, or so he thinks.

His ex is getting married. He needs a date.

Two meddling sisters and One dating app later, Erik finds himself in a whirlwind of online dating.

Will he be able to find a date in time? Will he find something more instead?

Kayla MacPhearson thinks her best friend Belinda Hittle, an extreme introvert, needs to spice up her dating life. Kayla hooks her up on a dating app and sits back to watch the sparks fly.

What happens when it all doesn’t go as planned? Will these two find love?

My Review:

Date MeDate Me by Logan Chance

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Date Me” is by author Logan Chance.


This was my first Logan Chance book and I loved it! It was sexy and at the same time, sweet. There was a good amount of humor, as well as a lovable cast of secondary characters. There was even an unexpected plot twist.

Erik Murphy was a great hero. Despite the obvious; he was sexy, successful, and a woman’s walking fantasy, Erik was a gentleman. Erik was a believable and relatable character. He had flaws (though not many) and a heart of gold. And let me say I loved the setting. Florida is my second home and I wish was there right now. Erik was close with his family. He loved his friends and his amazing job as a personal pilot.

A wedding is coming up in which Erik’s whole family is invited. It’s not something he could easily brush off considering his mother is close friends with the bride-to-be’s mother. Erik needs to find a date since he no longer has a girlfriend. Oh, did I mention that the bride-to-be IS his ex-girlfriend?

Erik’s sisters are determined he find a hot and sexy date for that wedding. So to Erik’s dismay, they went behind his back and created an online profile on a dating app. His sisters are persistent so he reluctantly agrees to check it out.

Erik makes a connection pretty quickly. Belinda. Through texting over several days, Erik realizes this is a girl he wants to get to know. He feels a strong connection with her so he asks her out and they meet at a bar. Erik really likes Belinda. A lot, actually. There’s a problem though. After meeting her, he feels like something is missing. He doesn’t understand how they could have such a strong connection when they are texting and why he only has platonic feelings when they are out together. But he likes her and he isn’t one to give up so easily, so he makes greater effort to get to know her better by seeing her more often.

Belinda’s best friend and business partner, Kayla, creates her profile on the app without her consent. Because Belinda knows Kayla only did it because she loves her, she agreed to get to know Erik.

The more time that passes, the more confused Erik is over his feelings. When the situation takes a turn, things become strained for a while. In other words, things are not what they seem. And what you believe you know about a person, you actually don’t.

Because I adored Date Me, I added additional books by this author to my TBR and I look forward to reading them!



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