Cover:  5

Genres:  Romance, Adult, Light suspense

Published:  January 9, 2017

Read:  January 18, 2017

Told in dual POVs – 1st person

Standalone; unrelated series

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Forever Rome by Brittney Sahin

Synopsis; Forever Dublin:

I once lived in two different worlds—billionaire businessman by day, fighter by night. When the suit came off, the gloves came on.

It’s been five years since I last stepped into the Octagon, since my life spun out of control. I haven’t even so much as gone near a fighting ring. I promised my family I’d never raise my fists again.

But when my best mate, Les, lands himself in trouble with a notorious Dublin crime lord, I must break my promises. I have to do the one thing I vowed never to do: fight. I have to fight to save him and everyone in his life . . . including Anna Drake, the innocent and gorgeous woman Les tricked into rooming with him.

Anna Drake is off limits. She’s innocent and sweet—everything that I’m not. She’s also interning at my company—a lawsuit waiting to happen.

I have to save her, to pull her and Les out of the mess that he’s made. But the more time we spend together, the more I’m falling for her. And the more I fight, the more I crave it. I don’t deserve Anna . . . and yet, without her, I’m not sure if I can save myself. 

My Review:

Forever DublinForever Dublin by Brittney Sahin

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I loved this book! Oh. My. God! It was amazing!

“Forever Dublin” by is by author Brittney Sahin.
My Rating: 5

Adam McGregor and Anna Drake…..

I’ll admit right now I am in complete love with Adam! I also admit that I have many, many book boyfriends. However it is not often when one ends up in my dreams at night as Adam did. He was such an amazing character; written with care. Flawed? Aren’t they all? Adam believed he was flawed more than anyone, except me. The only flaws I saw in him was that he was too galant, too hard on himself. Because of something that happened five years into his past, Adam believed himself unworthy of anything good; especially beautiful and kind Anna Drake.

Anna is one of my favorite heroines ever! Anna was also hiding from a past. But unlike Adam’s determination that he not allow himself to be happy, Anna was determined to live positively and make changes in her life.

Anna accepts an internship for three months in a large Dublin corporation. When she first arrives from Oklahoma, warily but eagerly, she learns the roommate she was supposed to share expenses with is ‘away.’ But then she meets Adam. Anna and Adam had strong chemistry from the first moment they met. But they don’t immediately act on it. Adam, because Anna is too wholesome and beautiful and kind; exactly what he doesn’t deserve. Anna’s hesitation is because Adam turns out to be the owner of the corporation she is interning with. He’s her boss!

I could easily write a lengthy summary of this book because I loved it so much, and even days later it is still so fresh on my mind. But I won’t do that. I will say that danger lurks for Anna. Adam will risk anything to keep her safe from harm; even if it means returning to the hell of his nightmare of five years.

Adam and Anna are a strong couple. Both are willing to protect and sacrifice for the other. As I mentioned earlier; their chemistry is scorching. And just add that to all the sexual tension building between them; it was inevitable they would combust when they came together intimately. (no pun intended 😉 ) They were so beautiful together.

Forever Dublin has secrets, suspense and tense moments. But the amount of angst was not overdone and yet it was enough to engross me thoroughly from first to last page.

If you love a good romance whose hero I would describe as a grizzly with the heart of a teddy; who is sexy, alpha and whose sweet and tender side is an A+ swoon-worthy rating, you will love Adam. No doubt! Anna is an amazing strong-willed heroine with a heart of gold, who I admired and envied the heck out of.

Add Forever Dublin to your TBR; you won’t be sorry. I promise!

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