Cover Rating:  1

Genres:  Romance, MM

Published:  January 17, 2017

Read:  January 16, 2016


Told in dual POVs 3rd person



Fifteen years ago, they lost each other. Can they find their way back together now?

When they were teens, James Pearson and Michael Hawthorne had been lovers.

But James left their hometown to study archeology. Michael planned to do the same, but life got in the way.

Now Michael spends his days guiding tourists through the ruins of the ancient buildings of the Hohokam; not knowing that James, now Dr. Pearson, just came back to Arizona to work at the same museum.

They once shared a love story, but can they find it again and rekindle its flames? Flames that are strong enough to burn through a fifteen-year-old gap?

My Review:

Loving HistoryLoving History by Chris McHart

3.5 Stars.
Very romantic and sappy for a MM. There was love and tenderness and a bit of angst but it fell a little flat for me. Honestly I would’ve felt the same had it been a MF romance. Also, I did not like the cover at all. I would not have chosen this book based on the cover. Though, as a whole, it was a sweet story.
Full review coming soon.

Full Review:
“Loving History” is by author Chris McHart.
My Rating: 3.5
Cover Rating: 1

This is a story of second chance love. Michael and James were once teenage lovers. Truth is, they grew up together but were purely friends until they reached the age of sixteen. When they were eighteen or nineteen, James broke up the relationship with Michael to go overseas to study archeology. Michael would be going to college in California because his family couldn’t afford to send him with James. Michael was devastated. James thought he was doing the right thing by ‘setting them free’ as he explained it. Nothing pisses me off more in a story then when one partner thinks he knows whats best for the relationship.

Fifteen years later we learn that Michael suffered many hardships in his life and as a result, he never left Arizona. His opportunity to go away to college was lost. From the first pages, I knew Michael had a tenuous life. He was living less than average circumstances; paycheck to paycheck. Seeing how Michael ended up I decided then I didn’t like James. He broke Michael’s heart. He never once contacted Michael to see how he was doing.

When James returns to town, after fifteen years, to accept the archeology position at the museum Michael currently works at, they are stunned to see each other. Michael realizes how bitter and angry he still is over James abandonment and he wants closure. James missed Michael so much. No one ever owned his heart like Michael had. James was devastated and filled with regret when he learns of all Michael suffered through the years. He was especially upset to learn that Michael never got the chance to go to college and pursue his own dreams of being an archeologist. Alongside his guilt for leaving and hurting Michael so badly, James realizes he never stopped loving Michael. James wants them to be together again but Michael does not want to trust James again with his heart.

What follows is the story of how these two find their way back together. It wasn’t easy; James had to work very hard and be persistent to prove to Michael he would never leave him again. I was so happy that Michael didn’t make it easy for James. James eventually won me over. By the end of the book, he redeemed himself.

So I’ll be honest here; I was asked to review this book. I was happy to do so and write an honest review. There was a time that I didn’t want to read MM. But over the past year, I introduced myself to a few authors who write this genre and I loved it. That said, I need to be honest and add that I would not have chosen this book based on the cover. I think a different cover AND title would go a long way in selling more copies. Would I read more of this author? Yes. I don’t judge by one or two books. And the story was sweet.



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