Genres:   Romance, Christmas, Paranormal, Shifters, Instalove, BBW, Novella

Published:  November 15, 2014

Read:  December 12, 2016

Book 2 in a series of 4 as of December 2016

Told in dual POVs

The Blurb:

Tracey Johnson, an arctic fox shifter in Santa’s Village at the North Pole, is tired of waiting for her mate to notice her again after a drunken kiss almost a year ago. She might be thin, flat-chested and love pink a little too much, but she deserves a mate who will love her despite her flaws.

Polar bear shifter Mark Halverson has been in love with Tracey since the moment he first laid eyes on her. After their shared kiss, pride kept him from claiming her the next day, but he couldn’t let her go. Through time and patience, he waits for her to realize their connection and give him another chance.

When Tracey decides to ask Santa to help her get over the past and find another mate, Mark realizes he’s been silent for too long. With the big man’s help, he has three days to make amends and convince his tiny fox he can be the mate she deserves.

My Review:

Silent Bear (North Pole, #2)Silent Bear by Ruby Shae

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Sweet and sexy Christmas Romance.
“Silent Bear” North Pole Series Two is by Ruby Shae.
Published: November 15,, 2014
Read: December 12, 2016
My Rating: 4 Stars

I absolutely love Ruby Shae’s bears. All of her novellas are steady to fast paced and can be read in a couple of hours. Her heroines are typically voluptuous and curvy; just what her large bear shifters are looking for in their mates. Ruby’s heroes are largely built, sexy, tough, protective and loyal. Ruby is an author I like to keep an eye on.

The premise of the North Pole series is how the polar bear shifters of the North Pole find their mates. Each bear has their own personality and they are all sexy! These polar bears are the enforcers/protectors of Santa’s village/town and all the humans and shifters that reside there. The cast of characters not only bring fun, love and romance, but there is witty banter and quirkiness with some light angst. And of course they all have HEAs.

Mark Halverson and Tracey Johnson…..

Mark is a polar bear shifter, an enforcer and protector of Santa’s village. For the past year he has been in love with his mate Tracey, an arctic fox shifter. One hot kiss, one misunderstanding later has a year of time wasted. Mark refuses to give up hope; he’s patient and there’s nothing more he wants than Tracey. She is his mate, his love, his to protect and cherish.

Tracey has been trying to gets Mark’s attention for a long time. One night a year ago, she’s finds the courage to confess her growing feelings to him. It seemed he felt the same way. They shared a life changing, passionate kiss but the next day Mark acted like it never happened. As a result, Tracey was heartbroken. Now a year after that scorching kiss, with no hope of Mark showing interest in Tracey, she is ready to give up.

Of course the adorable craziness begins and then they start to make progress. I really loved Mark! He was so sigh-worthy. And Tracey was kind and sweet. Together they made a fun and sexy couple.

This second book in this series was another winner for me; a perfect Christmas romance!

The North Pole Series:
#1 Jingle Bear November 3, 2014
#2 Silent Bear November 15, 2014
#3 Little Drummer Bear January 23, 2016
#4 Santa Bear December 10, 2016


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