Genres:  Romance, Adult, Erotica, Instalove, Novella

Published:  December 22, 2016

Read:  December 21, 2016

Told in dual POVs

The Blurb:

With a sculpted body of jailhouse tattoos and a chain of successful gourmet donut shops, Thorne Avery is a study in contradictions. Wearing handmade suits while riding his favorite Harley, Thorne has kept his heart on lockdown and thrown away the key.

CeeCee Baldwin is done with upheaval and heartache. She just wants to be left alone to enjoy her mundane existence. Book boyfriends, the promise of a quiet weekend and the intense pleasure of eating two of the most scrumptious gourmet donuts on the planet are her Friday night highlights.

When Thorne catches a glimpse of this lush, exotic beauty standing at the counter of his flagship store, his walled off heart takes a direct hit. And the more he gets to know this sassy, irresistible woman, the more he knows he has to have her. But when Thorne’s former life and CeeCee’s past come crashing together, how can one obsessed hero overcome such insurmountable odds?

Authors warning: A felon, some donuts and a sassy heroine who’s not afraid to drop the F bomb come together in this love-at-first-sight, moves-at-the-speed-of-light sexy romance. It’s a quick ride full of sexy times that will have you licking your fingers and wiping your chin. No cheating, alpha hotness and always a happy ending. Next please!


My Review:

Sweet RideSweet Ride by Dani Wyatt

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

“Sweet Ride” is written by author Dani Wyatt.
Published: December 22, 2016
My Rating: 4 Stars

Ok, first I’m gonna say this book is a raunchy, sexy, instalove novella with a dirty-talkin’ alpha hero. Oh and did I mention he is covered in tats and rides a motorcycle? When it comes to his woman, CeeCee, Thorne suffers from OPD. (obsessive, possessive disorder. 😉 ) He is also sweet and romantic too. “Sweet Ride” had a little suspense and danger to make it an even better story. But that danger was no match for Thorne. No one messes with, or threatens what’s his.

Thorne and CeeCee…..

Thorne is an ex-felon that has turned his dishonest past into something amazing and prosperous. He is the owner of a chain of specialty donut shops. He has wealth and friends but something is missing in his life. Love. Thorne was ok with that because his new life is honest and successful so he won’t complain. But his resolved attitude changes quickly when he first sets eyes on a beautiful, curvy siren with a musical voice, and who’s proximity takes his breath away. Thorne wants this delicate, beautiful woman. In fact, without so much as speaking a single word to her, Thorne has decided she belongs to him. OPD at it’s finest!

CeeCee is guarded and cautious. She ran from the past and as a result is constantly looking over her shoulder. So it was a complete, but pleasant, surprise to her how easily Thorne crashed down the walls of her guarded heart.

What follows is a lot of dirty, steamy sex. Thorne and CeeCee are instantly finding themselves exclusive with each other. There is nothing or no one than can break their bond. But alas, a blast from the past threatens their happily ever after.

I won’t give any details away. This story is pretty short and fast-paced as well so you’ll want to experience Thorne and CeeCee’s “Sweet Ride” on your own.

I can tell you there is no cheating or angst; just a small bit of suspense and danger that is quickly resolved. The ending was sweet and I adored the two epilogues; they added even more sweetness to the story.

***I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced reader’s copy go this novel.***

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