Genres:  Romance, Adult, Erotica, Light Suspense, Humor

Publishing Date:  January 1, 2017

Read:  December 21, 2016

Told in alternating POVs

ride-along “Ride Along” Book One

The Blurb:

Lane Bennett is the new hotshot lead public defender of Bounty County. A transplant from Chicago to Montana, Lane ran from the big city to escape a bad breakup, a far-too-stressful job, and all the anxiety issues that came along with it. But kicking ass and taking names as a small town public defender often pits her against the hottie Sheriff’s Department deputies. In order to win, she has to make them look bad. Lane, “the evil harpy,” as they call her, is not one of their favorites.

Sergeant Jake Hamilton is a veteran in the Bounty County Sheriff’s Department. He and Lane have walked along a rocky road since the first night they met. But after an alcohol-fueled evening resulting in rocking the bed with the sexy redheaded lawyer, Jake decides he is going to woo her.

Complicating matters, however, is that Lane is about to take on the biggest case of her career. A beloved city police officer was allegedly murdered by her client, a non-violent man with a heavy criminal past. But something doesn’t quite smell right and Lane begins to suspect corruption. The problem is, she needs the Sheriff’s Department to help her shore up her defense. And she needs Jake to protect her from the danger in which she suddenly finds herself.

Will Jake be able to convince Lane that their connection is more than just lust? Will the conflicts of interest be too much to handle? When a surprise rocks their world, will Jake step up and prove to be the man Lane simply cannot live without?

Changing Lanes is Book 2 of the Bounty County Series. Each book is standalone and can be read on its own, but it’s helpful to read the series in order to fully understand the characters.

WARNING: 18+ this book contains adult themes, explicit sex, and lots of swearing. Do not read this book if you don’t enjoy these things.

My Review:

Changing LanesChanging Lanes by Maren Lee

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

“Changing Lanes” – Bounty County Series Book Two – is by author Maren Lee.
Publish Date: January 1, 2017
My Rating: 5 Stars…..

Told in alternating POVs…..

Well! Having read the first book in this series, this one was exactly what I expected. Perfect, funny, erotic, (oh yeah!), with a bit of suspense and a cast of loyal, witty, characters. We meet some seriously sexy alpha men that will no doubt have their own novels soon. Looking forward to Wesson and Molly. I’m also feeling a strong Ryan and Katie vibe. (You hearing that, Maren? 🙂 )

“Changing Lanes” would be difficult to describe if someone told me I could only label it with a single genre description. It was so much more than simple romance. The chemistry between Jake and Lane was amazing. Their chemistry was scorching and existed from the beginning, even though they were NOT friends. It was some time before they actually became “exclusive.”

“Baby, I want us to be exclusive. Please don’t see other people,” he asked, sweetly.”

Jake was an incredible, attentive, protective, loyal and an as-sexy-as-you-can-get alpha hero. I loved him. I wanted him. I completely trusted that he was honest and sincere. Sometimes he was ridiculous, but I loved it.

“Holy shit. This man. Could he be anymore perfect? Ok, so not so perfect. Kind of a dick. But a sweet one. Not to mention hot. Good in the kitchen. You can’t go wrong here, Lane.”

Lane was a strong-minded and sassy heroine. Although I do admit that I have never described myself as a feminist, I related to some of the comments she made. Jake and Lane had a believable connection. Although there was a lot of it, their relationship became more than just sex. They cared deeply for each other. Oh and don’t get me started on the laughter. My God, they were funny! Some of the dialogue had me in stitches.

“Where’s you underwear, then?” she asked.

Honest questions deserve honest answers, Jake thought. “I don’t wear the.” He smiled.

“Like ever? That’s gross, Jake. Don’t your pants smell like balls?” Lane wrinkled her nose at the thought.

There is an element of suspense and mystery building in the background of the relationship development. The suspense aspect was important to the story, however I appreciated that it didn’t cause too much unnecessary angst as they were figuring out their feelings/emotions for each other. I believe the suspense helped solidify their relationship.

For lack of better words at this moment, I’ll just say I really loved this book! All the “feels” I look for were there. Jake is definitely on my book boyfriend list.

While “Changing Lanes” can be read as a standalone…..it is the first book in this series (“Ride Along”) that we meet Jake and Lane for the first time. I recommend reading the book first so you will fully appreciate every moment, every aspect and even every character in “Changing Lanes.” We don’t simply just meet Jake and Lane, we actually get a good amount of insight to their characters and what we could expect in their future romance. And this (the timing of my review) is coming at a perfect time for you to read “Ride Along,” book one. For this weekend, you can get it free Dec. 23rd-25th. A wonderful gift from Maren Lee! So visit Amazon for this time sensitive offer. The best part, other than it being free, you’ll have time to read it before “Changing Lanes” releases on January 1, 2017.

Jake is a Bounty County police sergeant and Lane is the public defender that alienates the police dept. All because she doesn’t take nonsense from anyone and is excellent at her job. Jake and Lane start off hating each other but that quickly turns to lust. Then something more. As they work on building a relationship, a case that Lane is working on puts her in danger.

I don’t want to say anything more because you should experience all the thought provoking monologue and witty and honest dialogue for yourselves.

Remember…”Ride Along” will be available for free for only a few days on Amazon. December 23rd-25th. AND “Changing Lanes” releases on New Year’s Day 2017!!!

***I voluntarily read and reviewed an advance reader’s copy of this novel***


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