Genres:  Romance, Light Suspense, Novella

Part of Series: Valentine Valley 6.5

Published:  November 19, 2016

Told in dual POVs

The Blurb:

Welcome back to Valentine Valley, where love can overcome danger and secrets…

Daniel Sweet thought he’d found the woman of his dreams—until she suddenly left Valentine Valley without a word of explanation. A year and a half later, Kristin Butler is back, on the run from a killer, under Witness Protection, and soon hiding out in a cabin with Daniel. She’s kept him in the dark about so many things, but he’s determined to discover all her secrets, even if it means risking not just their lives but their love.

My Review:

Secrets in Valentine Valley (Valentine Valley #6.5)Secrets in Valentine Valley by Emma Cane

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

“Secrets In Valentine Valley” Valentine Valley #6.5 is by author Emma Cane.
Published: November 19, 2016
My Rating: 4 Stars.

Valentine Valley is a great series featuring a diverse cast of characters and the atmosphere of small town charm. I have read all the books in the series and “Secrets” was a charming addition. While all the books in the series have charm, romance and a bit of angst, this book had a bit of a darker feel. But it was only enough to add a touch of complexity to the short length of the story.

Daniel and Kristin were a couple once. Daniel thought their relationship was going along well and he cared enough about Kristin that he could imagine a future with her. But he never got the chance to explore his growing feelings because Kristin left town. One day she was there and the next…..

Daniel had no idea why she left or where she went. She just disappeared. She was gone.

Until she came back eighteen months later. Daniel wanted answers. He was hurt and angry. But before she had the chance to explain, the reason she had to stay away followed her.

This was a very short story of romance, second chances and some suspense and angst. Secrets are revealed. Daniel is even more hurt and angry by the circumstances. Can Daniel and Kristin continue where they left off a year and a half ago? Thankfully their love for each other was strong enough to overcome Daniel’s hurt and anger.

I enjoyed this story; it was short, sweet and “hit the spot.”


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