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November 2016

Christmas Catastrophe: Christmas Bear Brothers Two by Harmony Raines


Genres:  Romance, Christmas, Shifter, Instalove, Novella

Published: November 21, 2015

Book Two of Three


Told in dual POVs

The Blurb:

Can bear shifter Damon help his new found mate, Zara, avoid a Christmas Catastrophe in Cougar Ridge?

Bear Bluff firefighter Damon, has got used to spending Christmas on duty with the rest of his crew. But this year, Santa has sent him an early Christmas gift, in the shape of curvy cougar shifter Zara.

But Zara is not feeling the joys of the holiday season. Cougar Ridge has experienced a terrible year, and her brother is stuck far away from home. When her nephew, Robbie, climbs the town’s Christmas tree to wish on the star for his dad to come home, she is desperate to make his dreams come true.

When her mate walks into her life, he sweeps her off her feet and gives her a glimpse of how good life can be. Between them, they work to make this the happiest Christmas ever.

Will they be able to turn around the misfortune of the town? And give Robbie his Christmas wish?

Contains scorching hot sex scenes and is meant for adults only.

My Review:

Christmas Catastrophe (Christmas Bear Brothers #2)Christmas Catastrophe by Harmony Raines

My rating: 3.5 Stars

“Christmas Catastrophe” Christmas Bear Brothers #2 is written by author Harmony Raines.
Published: November 21, 2015
Book two of three
Told in dual POVs

I don’t know why I am so addicted to these instalove bear shifter novellas, but I am. They have very little complexity in characters, very little to zero angst but are so adorable and fun to read. And they’re super short too. When I’m looking for a novel/novella I can read in couple of hours, these types are some of my first choices.

“Christmas Catastrophe” is the second in this series of three. It is also the second book I have read by this author. Because this is such a short story (about 91 pages), I won’t give away too many details in my review.

Damon is a sexy bear shifter; middle brother of three and a firefighter in the town of Bear Bluff. Damon is lonely and has been longing to find his mate. No other woman will do. His loneness is especially poignant this holiday time of the year. But lucky for Damon, his next rescue mission will gift him an early Christmas present.

Zara is a cougar shifter. She lives in a small town outside of Bear Bluff, a little farther up the mountain in Cougar Ridge. Lucky, not too far from Bear Bluff. When the services of the Bear Bluff fire department are called to Cougar Ridge to help Zara rescue her nephew, she discovers that everything about her current way of life is about to change.

Damon and Zara have to deal with a small adventure before their HEA. I liked both of these characters. And even though the story is predictable, this was a light and fun read, perfect for the Christmas holiday. I truly enjoyed it.

Now on to read how the last brother finds his happily ever after.

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Inked Babies: Epilogue to Inked Brotherhood by Jo Raven


Genres:  Epilogue, Romance, Erotica, Suspense, Violence, 

Told in alternating POVs by all main characters

Release Date: November 28, 2016

The Blurb:

Five brothers in all but blood, five girls who love them, emerging from a past fraught with darkness and danger. There are wedding bells, and baby cries and laughter all around. They have found their happy ending.

Only one cloud is marring these blue skies, and it has to do with Zane, the rock of the Brotherhood. Nobody knows exactly what is wrong, but here’s the thing, folks:

There are five of us, and we stand all for one and one for all. If you messed with one of us, you’ve messed with all of us. We protect our own.

And Zane is more than one of our own. He’s our leader. He’s our steady center. If our center shatters, we all shatter.

This Brotherhood is strong. We’re gonna find out what troubles him and put it to rest, once and for all, bury it, stomp on it, crush it until it’s fixed or gone.

Time we celebrated our happy ending.

This is the epilogue to Inked Brotherhood.

Best read after the series Inked Brotherhood.


My Review:

Inked Babies (Epilogue to Inked Brotherhood)Inked Babies by Jo Raven

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

“Inked Babies” Epilogue to Inked Brotherhood Series by author Jo Raven.
My Rating: 5 Stars…

The first thing I’m going to tell you that this epilogue was fantastic. I’ve been anticipating it for a while. It’s an understatement to say how happy and excited I was to read more of my beloved Inked Brothers. But, I will also say that I was nervous, anxious and a bit scared too. If you’ve read the series you know Jo Raven. She does not write “sugar and spice and everything nice.” Her heroes are badass, sexy, inked and what our fantasies are made of. But those same beautiful heroes have f**king tortured, horrific pasts that nearly was their undoing. I cried so often. Had to put my Kindle down many time to calm my racing heart while reading their stories. These beautiful men all have physical and emotional scars; some more than others. One thing they for sure all have in common is their love and respect for Zane. Zane is the heart and soul of the brotherhood. Zane has been the rock and support of every one of these amazing, emotionally strong men. But now Zane is the one needing support. And he needs their support desperately. Even if he doesn’t realize it. The Inked Brotherhood will now be his rock: Asher, Tyler, Dylan, and Rafe along with their girls.

Told in five parts with POVs from Asher and Audrey, Tyler and Erin, Dylan and Tess, Rafe and Meagan, and Zane and Dakota. The main focus is the suspense surrounding Zane. But we also get to meet babies, plan weddings and even get glimpses from the Damage Boyz too. (spinoff series)

I’ll be honest, this epilogue nearly tore my heart out watching Zane suffer so badly and why. Thank God he had the love and protection of the Inked couples. The couples’ love for each other only grew since we last heard from them. As did their families. In addition, in this epilogue we not only have old friends but we meet new ones too. The Lost Boys.

Jo, these boys need their HEA. They need unconditional love and a safe future to look forward to. Maybe in the future you’ll write about them so we can sleep better at night. 😉

*This book is an epilogue to the Inked Brotherhood Series. The series should be read first. If not, you will be lost.  Also there are several triggers:  rape, child molesting, torture, kidnapping, murder.  Some of these things happen in the past and are only talked about.  That would be the first 3 on the list.


The Inked Brotherhood:
Kiss Me Goodbye: Prequel to Asher (not necessary to understand Asher)
What I Want For Christmas (Zane and Dakota short story)

I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this book.

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Mistletoe Mountain: The Mountain Man’s Christmas: The Mountain Man #3.6 by Frankie Love


Genres:  Romance, Novella, Christmas, Instalove

Published:  November 17, 2016

Told in dual POVs

The Blurb:

All I want for Christmas is Everett & Evie!

When I go out to chop down a Christmas tree the last thing I expect to find is woman caught in a snowstorm.

But there she is, lost and alone. And f*cking gorgeous.

I take her home with me — my cabin will warm her up … and so will I.

Meeting her was serendipity … and letting her go isn’t an option.

But her life isn’t built around Mistletoe Mountain the way mine is.

This mountain man is hoping for a Christmas miracle.

Darling Reader,

This story is like a candy cane. You’ll wanna keep licking this mountain man. The cover may be sweet, but Everett and Evie are sugar & spice and naughty & nice! 😉

May your days be merry and bright.

xo, frankie

My Review:

Mistletoe Mountain: The Mountain Man's ChristmasMistletoe Mountain: The Mountain Man’s Christmas by Frankie Love

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

“Mistletoe Mountain” The Mountain Man’s Christmas: The Mountain Man 3.6 by author Frankie Love.
Published: November 17,2016
My Rating: 4 Stars…..

What an adorable light, very short and sweet Christmas romance. God knows how much I love Frankie Love’s mountain men. Just throw in a helping of Christmas and, well, I’m beyond excited.

Evie and Everett…..

Evie drives out to the woods a couple of days before Christmas in the hopes that she will find the perfect boughs to make her traditional Christmas wreaths. Each year, Evie delivers her wreaths to her neighbors. But this year Evie didn’t realize the task would get her lost in the woods. By herself. In a snowstorm. Luckily for her, a gorgeous, sexy, bearded man comes to rescue her.

Everett finds a beautiful woman lost and alone in a snow storm while he just happens to be out cutting down his “perfect” Christmas tree. Everett has been alone, by choice, for the better part of five years. He has made a quiet life for himself off the grid, in a cabin he built himself. But now he finds himself no longer alone and with a houseguest. At least until the storm subsides. Evie is beautiful and Everett is instantly attracted to her. His attraction is very strong, like nothing he has ever felt with a woman before. Everett is unsure what he should do about it. Even if Evie feels the same, how could they make a relationship work? Does he even want a relationship? Or is it just sexual attraction?

Too many complications.
Everett lives far from town, off the grid, alone in a secluded cabin.
Evie is a city girl.
Would Everett give up his way of life for a chance with her?
Will Evie be willing to make the same sacrifices?

In the end, both Evie and Everett will reflect on the intensity of their feelings for each other. Will they give up their “normal” to be with each other? Read and find out. 😉

I loved this story; it was perfect and only added to my already growing holiday spirit. I just hated that it was so short. Evie and Everett are perfect for each other. Although “Mistletoe Mountain” didn’t have the same intensity that the other mountain men novels had, it was still a fun and sexy story. As usual, I can’t wait to see what this author comes up with next.

My favorite quote: “I let this man unwrap me and now I’ll let him go down my chimney.”

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All I Want For Christmas: A Kinnison Legacy Holiday Novella by Amanda McIntyre


Genres:  Romance, Christmas, Adult, Cowboy, Novella

Told in dual POVs

The Blurb:

Persistence. Peril. Parenthood.

Not necessarily in that order.

Rein Mackenzie is doing his darnedest to give Liberty her wish of starting a family. Ready for action every time his wife’s ringtone–Wild Thing–summons him, the man is giving parenthood his best shot.

Liberty Mackenzie knows she and her husband have had their share of heartache in the baby department, but both feel certain it’s only a matter of patient persistence before they get what they want. And Rein, bless his heart, can be very persistent.

But just before Christmas, when fate offers them the chance to test drive parenthood with taking in a young boy to care for whose life is more complicated than it should be, they realize that having a child and raising a child are two very different challenges that every good parent faces.

**Warning: May cause eyes to well with joy and/or suffer prolonged bouts of sighs and smiles!

My Review:

All I Want for Christmas: A Kinnison Legacy Holiday novellaAll I Want for Christmas: A Kinnison Legacy Holiday novella by Amanda McIntyre

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

“All I Want For Christmas” A Kinnison Legacy Holiday Novella is by author Amanda McIntyre.
My Rating: 4 Stars…..

I have enjoyed all the Kinnison Legacy novels. And this inspirational novella was a great addition.

The Kinnison Series:
“Rugged Hearts”
“Renegade Hearts”
“Rustler’s Hearts”
“No Strings Attached” Last Hope Ranch #1 (series spinoff)
“All I Want For Christmas”


If you’ve read “Rustler’s Heart than you already know who Rein and Liberty are. Although this novella can be read as a standalone, I recommend reading “Rustler’s Heart,” if not all three beforehand. It will give so much more meaning and appreciation to the story.

Liberty and Rein previously lost a child due to miscarriage. Both have been feeling worried and not a little desperate because Liberty has not been able to conceive again yet. During the holiday season they are asked to foster a four year old boy named Cody. Cody’s mother is currently in police custody as a result of a drug arrest.

Rein and Liberty welcome Cody into their home and promise to give him everything he needs to feel stable and happy. At least until they find out the outcome of Cody’s mother’s pending trial. Liberty is feeling a little reluctant and afraid to open her heart fully to Cody. Her biggest fear is that she will become attached to Cody, who is absolutely adorable. What happens when she does and he leaves? Because she knows she will.

There were many, many emotional hurdles Liberty and Rein needed to jump over. Although they loved each other deeply and thankful they had each other, it was difficult to keep smiling at times. They wanted a child of their own so badly. Cody, though not at fault, was a constant reminder of what they didn’t have. The road to Rein and Liberty’s HEA was not a little rough. It was downright filled with potholes.

This novella was sad. But it was also uplifting. There was fear and worry. There was uncertainty and even a bit of danger. But then…..there was joy and fulfillment.

And there was so much love!

This was a beautiful story, perfect for this season of miracles.

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Love At First Hate by Muriel Garcia: Release Blitz

Her Christmas Cowboy: The Scott Brothers of Montana #5: Copper Mountain Christmas #5 by Katherine Garbera


Genres:  Romance, Christmas

The Blurb:

There’s no place like Marietta, Montana for the holidays, and retired Marine Lane Scott has finally, reluctantly, returned home…

…only to run into a sweet and sexy woman from his past, Felicity Danvers, who is running away from her Christmas loving momma.

Lane can’t resist playing the hero and sweeping Felicity out of town. He vows he’ll do everything he can to make this holiday special for her. And as Christmas approaches, they discover that their love can conquer and overcome any obstacle—but can they both trust that it’s not just Christmas magic bringing them together?

The Scott Brothers series

Book 1: A Cowboy for Christmas

Book 2: The Cowboy’s Reluctant Bride

Book 3: Her Summer Cowboy

Book 4: Cowboy, It’s Cold Outside

Book 5: Her Christmas Cowboy


My Review:

Her Christmas Cowboy (The Scott Brothers of Montana Book 5)Her Christmas Cowboy by Katherine Garbera

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

“Her Christmas Cowboy” Scott Brothers of Montana #5 is by author Katherine Garbera.
My Rating: 4 Stars…

There’s nothing like a visit to Marietta, Montana to bring out the Christmas Spirit.
“Her Christmas Cowboy” is the fifth book featuring the Scott family.

Lane Scott, former military having had to retire from active duty due to permanent injuries. Injuries that resulted in double amputation of both legs below his knees. Lane is currently part owner of a martial arts fitness center in Marietta. He co owns with his older brother Hudson and best friend and military buddy, Monty. Lane is also a spokesperson to help motivate veterans with physical and/or emotional injuries. I really liked Lane a lot. He was a strong character despite the events that led him to life-altering change. It was difficult watching him suffer with loneliness. He lived with a constant feeling that something was missing in his life. Lane didn’t think he was meant to have the happily ever after his older brothers had: a wife they loved and cherished and children. Lane didn’t think he even wanted or needed those things to be complete and happy. But he needed something…just didn’t know what that was….

Until he ran into an old high school crush…..Felicity Danvers. Once he realized she was what he wanted, desired, and needed in his life to finally award him that feeling of “home,” Lane set out to win her heart. Unfortunately, this was not an easy task.

Felicity Danvers has crushed on Lane Scott since high school. He even asked her out then but she was too afraid to say “yes.” Felicity was shy, always worrying that she wouldn’t measure up. Even years later she suffered with that insecurity in her psyche. A former boyfriend made her afraid to be herself. He always insisted she could/should do and be better. As a result of her vulnerability, she was worried she couldn’t be all the things Lane wanted and needed in a girlfriend. Felicity didn’t want to fail Lane too. What Lane set out to prove to Felicity was that he wanted her exactly the way she was. He thought she was perfect the way she was and he didn’t want or need her to change.

The issue of Felicity’s insecurity was an uphill battle for the couple. Poor Felicity had always felt “less than.” She didn’t even know how to be herself; having always felt she needed to be what other people wanted her to be. All she knew for sure was that she was unhappy, unsatisfied and always feeling unfulfilled. That is until Lane proved to her that he loved her for herself. Because of his love for her, Felicity learned to be herself. She finally believed her love for Lane would be all he wanted from her.

This story was a bit sad and it was a rough journey to happiness. But Lane and Felicity deserved each other, deserved a happily ever after and their love for each other was strong and unconditional.

The novels written about the Scott brothers are some of my favorites in the Montana Born series, published by Tule. The oldest brother, Alec, was already married but through all the current books, there are consistent mentions of his marriage being in trouble. I feel there is a story there and I hope the author, Katherine Garbera, will give us Alec and Sienna’s HEA in their own book. In the near future. I can only hope. 🙂

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Worth The Fight by Stella James


Genres:  Romance, Adult, Erotica, Novella

Told in dual POVs

The Blurb:

One moment can change everything…

The boy I knew is gone, replaced by a man who is battling demons that I know nothing about. I need to save him. I need to bring him back into the light. There’s just one problem…He used to be my best friend and now he wants nothing to do with me.

Kate Stone has spent her entire life keeping things neat and tidy. Her world is a careful arrangement of organization and efficiency. Except when she’s with him. From the time they were five years old Asher Montgomery has been the one person she can let go with.

Nine years spent in the military and far away from the small town he grew up in, circumstances beyond his control send Asher back to Blue Falls far too soon than he intended. Physical scars and emotional anguish have changed him. Bitterness and anger cling to him and won’t let go.

A bond built on friendship, a woman who won’t give up and a man desperate to forget…

Will they fight for the possibility of a future they never saw coming?

18+ due to content

Contains elements of PTSD

Each book in the Blue Falls series can be read as a standalone but in order to fully enjoy all the characters and their story lines, it is recommended that the books be read in order.

Worth the Chance – Book 1

Worth the Risk – Book 2

Clipped (a Blue Falls novella) – 2.5

Worth the Fight – Book 3

Wild (a Blue Falls novella) – Coming 2017

My Review:

Worth the Fight (Blue Falls #3)Worth the Fight by Stella James

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

“Worth The Fight” Blue Falls #3 is by author Stella James.
My Rating 5 Stars!!!!!”   🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

“Worth The Fight” is part of the Blue Falls series. This story features Kate and Asher. We met Katie in the previous books. And from those books we were able to guess about her love interest. This is a “friends to lovers trope,” and done well. These two were best friends for more than twenty years. Since they were five. But they were nothing more than that. Not even a hint.

Until now…ten years later after Asher returns home injured from the military where he spent nearly a decade of his life.

Asher was injured in a bombing that killed two of his close friends and leaves him scarred from injuries. But those injuries are the least of Asher’s problems. In fact, he could care less about his scars. How could he dare to care when he lived and his friends are dead? Asher is dealing with surviver’s guilt pretty heavily. He’s also having frequent nightmares of the bombing. Sadly instead of dealing appropriately with his PTSD by going for recommended counseling, he seeks help from that darkness in a bottle. Many bottles, actually. I wanted to hold Asher in my arms. I wanted to hug him and tell him everything would be alright. But the healing Asher needed had to be sought out by himself, because he wanted it. Because he wanted to heal.

Asher believes he’s not fit to be around people. Especially his parents and Katie, his best friend. So he elects seclusion at his parent’s fishing cabin where he can be alone with his demons. But there is one person who refuses to honor his wishes. No way is Katie going to leave Asher, her best friend, to suffer alone when she wants to help. He would do the same for her.

Of course, Asher is angry at Katie’s intrusion. He doesn’t want her help. In fact, he wants her gone. Naturally, Katie refuses to leave him alone and what follows between them is angst, animosity, heartache, and determination. Her’s to help, his to make her leave. I don’t want to give anything away regarding what happens between them. Because this is such a short story (I wish it were longer), you’ll want to experience all the different emotions on your own.

I want to say that Stella James wrote a touching, sensual, love story. I smiled, I got frustrated and worried and I even cried (several times). I wanted a happily ever after so bad for Asher and Kate. And I was very happy at how their ending turned out. I was proud of Asher and thrilled for them both. The epilogues were adorable and perfectly fitting. Throughout this book we got glimpses of characters from previous books like that one and only, “tell it like it is,” Mona. She was an amazing friend to Katie.

*Voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced reader’s copy of this novel*

Looking forward to the next novel from Stella James.

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The Holiday Gift by RaeAnne Thayne


Genres:  Romance, Adult, Cowboy, Christmas

Told in dual POVs

The Blurb:


With two kids and an active life, widow Faith Dustin only wants peace and quiet for Christmas. But her snowy Pine Gulch ranch is nothing but chaotic. All that keeps Faith going is her helpful neighbor, cowboy Chase Brannon. He’s always been “good ol’ Chase,” her faithful friend. Until he kisses her under the mistletoe…

Years ago Chase blew his chance with the woman he’s loved since childhood. Now he’s determined to step out of the friend zone…and into the role of husband. But the scared and stubborn Faith won’t let herself fall. With Christmas just days away, Chase will need all the magic of the season—and the help of her two matchmaking children—to unwrap a second chance at love

My Review:

The Holiday GiftThe Holiday Gift by RaeAnne Thayne

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

“The Holiday Gift” is by author RaeAnne Thayne.
This beautiful Christmas story of second chances and taking chances was heartwarming and sweet. Our main characters are Faith Dustin (Nichols) and Chase Brannon.

Faith Dustin is the eldest of the three Nichols sisters who had their happily ever after in the two previous Christmas novels: “The Christmas Ranch,” and “A Cold Creek Christmas Story.” Faith is a widow with two wonderful children. She has been living each day since her husband’s tragic death by working her family ranch and being a mom. She has no time or desire to ever open herself to love again only to have it ripped away. She wouldn’t survive it. Faith has been through a lot and you’ll learn more about that when you read the book.

Chase Brannon…..Since he was a teen, Chase has been in love with Faith. For him it was love at first sight. Unfortunately, Chase didn’t make his move on Faith soon enough. And what made losing her worse was that she married his best friend. Chase was their neighbor and he heartbreakingly watched from afar, wishing he was her husband instead. They were always close friends but when Faith lost her husband, Chase became her rock, her savior. He was her best friend. Problem was he wanted to be more than friends. Now that almost three years have passed since Faith became a widow, Chase decided to make his move. His love for her was pure. He was patient and always kind and would never hesitate to do anything for her. Of course he was gorgeous, sexy and intense as well.

I absolutely loved Chase. He was so sweet with Faith and her family. They all adored him and loved him. Even Faith love him. He was her very best friend. When Chase asked her out on a real date, Faith freaked out. She wanted to remain just platonic friends because if they were more and she lost him, she would fall apart completely. Sadly she was truly clueless, completely in denial about her real feelings for Chase. Faith was stubborn. She intentionally ignored Chase’s feelings for her. And she kept her own feelings buried deep. I understood her fears but she frustrated me completely. I had a tough time liking her because of all the emotional pain she caused Chase. It was Chase that kept this a five star rating for me.

Faith and Chase’s journey to love was difficult with many hurdles. All of them put in place by Faith. I will say it again that Chase was amazing and patient, luckily for Faith. There are many other characters we have small glimpses of from prior novels and maybe a new one as well. I truly enjoy the heartwarming stories that RaeAnne writes for us. Each has many of the emotions we love to experience when reading. “The Holiday Gift” was a great addition to the Pine Gulch/Coldwater Creek stories. I hope she will write more in this series.

*I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced reader’s copy of this novel given to me by the publisher via NetGalley*

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The Holiday Spirit: All She Wants for Christmas Is a Ghost by Dani Harper


Genres:  Romance, Christmas, Adult, Paranormal

Told in Alternating POVs (primarily H/h with some from the villain)

The Blurb:

A woman who talks to ghosts.

A man mistaken for dead.

An ancient evil that stalks them both.

Writer Kerri Tollbrook spends her free time counseling the newly departed, but the tall, dark and handsome spirit she meets at the shopping mall claims he’s not dead. Is he just in denial? Or is something more sinister at work?

Firefighter Galen McAllister has felt like The Invisible Man ever since a malicious spell separated him from his still-living body. Kerri is the first person he’s met who can actually see him. Now if only he can get her to listen … because the nightmare creature that trapped him between two worlds is far from finished!

Dani Harper’s Christmas ghost story returns as a full-length novel! The characters from this popular paranormal romance have haunted their author into “resurrecting” the story, making it bigger, better…and BADDER!

My Review:

The Holiday Spirit: All She Wants for Christmas Is a Ghost...The Holiday Spirit: All She Wants for Christmas Is a Ghost… by Dani Harper

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Absolutely one of the most memorable stories I’ve read. It was not only romantic but the paranormal suspense was incredible. So much more than simple romance. Totally recommend this to add to your TBR holiday lists!!!

*This is a revised edition. Original, which is no longer available was much shorter*

“The Holiday Spirit” All She Wants for Christmas Is A Ghost… is written by author Dani Harper.

Every November I filter in Christmas romances in between my usual reading. By mid December, I’m reading mostly holiday novels. Not only is Christmastime my favorite time of the year for the obvious reasons, but also because I love reading heartwarming stories written with a Christmas theme. So far I have already read several and “The Holiday Spirit” is my favorite. It’s not a typical romance. There is suspense and some darkness that I don’t usually like to read about in a Christmas romance. However this one was amazing and my first five star rated in this genre. Wow, Dani Harper had to have done some intense researching to make this story so realistic given it is a paranormal. “The Holiday Spirit” is one of my top ten holiday romances ever.

So if you love Christmas, paranormal romance and a lovable cast of characters, you must add this book to your TBR.

Kerri Tollbrook is a writer, a lover of nature and someone who respects all the elements of Earth, seen and unseen. Kerri is a counselor to ghosts. I wouldn’t exactly call her a stereotypical witch although she can cast magic spells. She is smart, kind and very good in heart and soul. I really adored her as a character.

Galen McCallister is not dead (yet) but an ancient spell cast by an evil entity has removed his spirit from his body. For almost a year he has existed in a ghostly form. When he discovers that Kerri can actually see and talk to him, he remains by her side, unwilling to lose the human connection she offers. Kerri may be Galen’s only hope in removing the evil spell and putting him back into his body. A body that currently lays in a coma in the hospital.

Kerri, along with a magical, lovable cast of characters set out to find a way to help Galen before it is too late. If they don’t hurry, the spell cast upon him will become permanent and he will lose his life completely. Not only will he cease to exist, he will lose the woman he has grown to love with all his heart.

This novel was fun, adventurous, quirky at times and romantic. There was darkness too that threatened not only Galen and Kerri’s happily ever after, but their very existence.

“The Holiday Spirit” is definitely a reread for me!

🎄🎄🎄🎄🎄 Best Holiday Novel…..

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