Genres:  Romance, Christmas, Novella

Published:  December 19, 2015

Told in dual POVs

The Blurb:

Candy’s breath deserted her when she registered the look in Nolan’s eyes. The hickory was burning. Focused intently on her.

Nolan Ducayne plays ice hockey for the Rangers and is the best defender in the league. Candice Levine is an Olympic gold medallist figure skater. They’re fiercely attracted to each other. There’s just one little problem. They’re at war over the pond ice that lies on the boundary between their properties. 

Christmas has always been lonely for Candice but this year she plans to embrace the season. She’s even going to get a tree, which leads to all new problems with Nolan bloody Ducayne. The bane of her existence. He thinks he owns the ice. If only he wasn’t sin on skates.

 When Nolan comes home and finds the ice princess trying to cut down a tree on his property, he can’t help but take advantage of the situation. It’s a pity Candy hates him, because she stirs every one of his protective instincts. Not to mention the other thing she stirs. 

Hockey player versus ice skater. The battle lines are drawn. But when the pond ice breaks and Candy falls into the freezing water, Nolan risks his life to save her. Hypothermic and trapped together by a blizzard, they’re forced to confront their feelings and negotiate a Christmas ceasefire. The only question is… how long will it last?

A short and sexy standalone with a guaranteed HEA.

My Review:

Candy for Christmas: Hockey Player vs Ice SkaterCandy for Christmas: Hockey Player vs Ice Skater by Novalee Swan

My rating: 4.5 Stars…

“Candy For Christmas” Hockey Player vs Ice Skater is written by author Novalee Swan.
Published: December 19, 2015
My Rating: 4.5 Stars

What a great Christmas romance! “Candy for Christmas” was romantic and sweet. I have to say that I am a fan of this author and have read all her books. Unfortunately there isn’t enough.

The blurb above does a good job at explaining the premise for this story. I will try not to repeat anything in my review.

Nolan and Candace (Candy)…..

From the beginning I pretty much figured out what kind of man Nolan was despite Candy’s complaints and the animosity between them. I liked Candy too but not as much as Nolan. The story starts with Candy trying unsuccessfully to chop down her own Christmas tree. Unfortunately she didn’t realize that particular tree is on her neighbor’s property. At least she didn’t until he brought it to her attention. Nolan and Candy may be neighbors but they are NOT friends. They are at odds with each other about the boundary of the pond that sits on their properties. They constantly argue over who the pond belongs to. SO naturally it was not a little surprising to Candy when her nemesis finishes chopping down the tree then carries to her house for her. Why would Nolan does this if he hated her so much?

As is typical, things are not as they appear. And when a near fatal accident occurs, Nolan and Candy can no longer remain enemies. I truly enjoyed this book from start to finish. It was so short and easily read in less than two hours. I wish it were longer. Also, I want to say the epilogue was amazing!

If you are looking for a sweet Christmas romance you are sure to adore, I recommend “Candy For Christmas.”

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