Genres:  Romance, Contemporary, Adult, Erotica, Suspense

Told in dual POVs

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Finn Cooper is living the life of a real life hero: saving lives by day, giving orgasms by night. He’s fairly skilled with both, too. The only thing good he has is the brotherhood with the other men at his firehouse. That is until his best friend’s little sister decides she wants him to be her super hero. Finn knows better; he has a few rules. The most important being not to betray his brothers.

Gigi Cooper is not used to holding her tongue. Just wasn’t raised that way; with a steel strong mother and similarly strong sisters to look up to, being cautious isn’t in her DNA. Gigi wants Finn Cooper. Her brother’s best friend. Too bad everyone else, Finn included, thinks he’s no good for her. Gigi is the last Cooper waiting to find her happily ever after, but she knows a secret: hers has been there the entire time.

Can Gigi convince Finn she’s worth the risk? Or will the threat of something real and solid be enough to force Finn to burn them both to the ground?

My Review:

Burn It Down (Burn Series #2)Burn It Down by Dee Ellis

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

“Burn It Down” Burn Series #2 is written by author Dee Ellis.
Published Date: December 17, 2016
My Rating: 5 Stars…

Just wow! I loved this book! This novel is second in a series and the second book released by Dee Ellis. I admit I was both wary and excited to read “Burn It Down.” Wary because the first novel was very long and although I was in love with Cage, I had a hard time connecting with the heroine Charli. And excited because I liked Finn and Gigi from the first moment we met each of them on the pages of “Let It Burn.” That said…

Finn and Gigi were fantastic in this book. The drama for these two started from the beginning and stayed steady throughout. There were good and bad times. Angsty for sure. Another great addition to this novel was the aspect of suspense which added to the tension in the story in a good way. It was a page turner for sure.

Finn and Gigi were struggling to work out their relationship. It was an emotional journey for sure. I liked that there was an element of danger that stayed constant in the background and at the same time it was an elemental part of bringing them closer. The plot twist got harder to predict and I’ll say when the climax came, no pun there 😉 I didn’t see it coming.

Finn Cooper is a Chicago firefighter. He is tall, blond, blue-eyed ,well built, broad in muscle, intense and as sexy as they come. Hot damn! Finn totally made my book boyfriend list! Finn also just so happens to be Gigi’s brother’s best friend. In fact, Finn has been close to Gigi’s family for many years. When he was a teen, they offered him a home, love and stability. When you read, you’ll learn all about why. I will say that Finn’s family was not nurturing.

Despite being older, Finn has been in love with Gigi for years. However it wasn’t only age difference that kept him from making a move. He believed he wasn’t good enough for her. Gigi had a crush on Finn and he knew it. He did everything he could to make her see he was bad for her. I’ll say that when you truly love someone, you can see past the bad. You see the real person inside. Gigi knew Finn well.

Gigi Cooper (yes they coincidentally have that same last name) has wanted Finn for years. She wanted him in every way possible. Unfortunately because of the complexity of their own lives and their growing relationship, that was not an easy task. Finn never give Gigi hope that they could be together. At the beginning she believed her feelings were unrequited. In fact, Finn had a reputation of being a manwhore. One night Gigi decided she was not going to watch him take another woman home. She made her move and he was powerless to fight against her. Not after denying himself for so long. From that moment on they secretly started to see each other. Secretly because Finn was afraid of what Gigi’s brother, Cage, would say or do if he found out.

And that is where all the heartache and tension begins. Cage did indeed catch them together. What hurt Gigi the most was that Finn didn’t fight for her. I won’t say more because reading about their struggles in finding a way to be together was one of the parts I loved the most. If I didn’t love Finn before, I sure as heck did watching him try to fix things with Gigi. I. Loved. Finn! He especially struggled. His sincerity was intense. He was amazing, patient and loyal. She may not know it yet, but Gigi was one lucky woman.

My heart was weeping over and over for this man. I also won’t give away any details of the suspense happening. I will say that I loved how that issue was presented and how anxious I was trying to figure out that bit of drama. I will say that I had some suspicions as to the climax, but I still got a surprise.

Dee Ellis wrote an amazing story of romance and suspense. All aspects: monologue, dialogue, settings, and secondary characters blended perfectly for a well developed, steady to fast-paced novel.

I look forward to the next book which I am guessing/hoping will feature Hunter and Lola.

**I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced readers copy of this novel**

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