Genres:  Romance, Christmas, Shifter, Instalove, Novella

Told in Dual POVs

Published:  November 21, 2015

Book one of three:


The Blurb:

Are you ready for some Christmas magic?

All Dermot wants for Christmas is a mate. Because a mate will lead to cubs, and a family to spend the holidays with.

But since Dermot, a paramedic, hasn’t met his special lady yet, he agrees, as he always does, to work Christmas so others can enjoy time with their families.

However, fate is about to step in and give him just what he needs.

Vicky is a reindeer shifter who has lost her Christmas spirit. Can Dermot help her find it before it’s too late?

Too late for what? You’ll have to read Santa Paws to find out…

Contains two sexy shifters and scorching hot sexual scenes, meant for adults only.

My Review:

Santa Paws (Christmas Bear Brothers #1)Santa Paws by Harmony Raines

“Santa Paws” Christmas Bear Brothers #1 is written by author Harmony Raines.
Published: November 21, 2015
Book 1 of 3

My Rating: Between 3 – 3.5 Stars

I thought this story was cute. I liked the characters, main and secondary. Also this was very short at about 75 pages. I enjoyed it enough that I also read the other two books in the series which I will review separately. What I had a bit of trouble with was reading about sex, Santa Claus and Rudolph in the same book, which were all part of the story. NOTE…Santa did not have sex. Let me just make that clear right now. The premise was a bit strange, different.

Dermot is a bear shifter, a paramedic in the small town of Bear Bluff. Dermot deeply longs for a mate. I loved Dermot. He was sexy and sweet. As with nearly all of the shifter stories I have read, there is instalove. This was LITERALLY love at first sight! There was no getting to know each other prior to intimacy, no build up or relationship development. But Dermot was so happy to have found Vicky. His wonderment and excitement endeared me further to him.

Vicky was a shifter as well. A reindeer. I liked her but didn’t love her. It was nothing she said or did. I just didn’t connect with her as well as I did Dermot. Her relationship to this story was peculiar; not what I expected at all. At one point it was very predictable. But at the same time it was silly enough to be entertaining.

Overall, I liked this book for what it is: a fun, sometimes funny, unrealistic, silly, sexy story.

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