Genres:  Romance, Novella, Christmas, Instalove

Published:  November 17, 2016

Told in dual POVs

The Blurb:

All I want for Christmas is Everett & Evie!

When I go out to chop down a Christmas tree the last thing I expect to find is woman caught in a snowstorm.

But there she is, lost and alone. And f*cking gorgeous.

I take her home with me — my cabin will warm her up … and so will I.

Meeting her was serendipity … and letting her go isn’t an option.

But her life isn’t built around Mistletoe Mountain the way mine is.

This mountain man is hoping for a Christmas miracle.

Darling Reader,

This story is like a candy cane. You’ll wanna keep licking this mountain man. The cover may be sweet, but Everett and Evie are sugar & spice and naughty & nice! 😉

May your days be merry and bright.

xo, frankie

My Review:

Mistletoe Mountain: The Mountain Man's ChristmasMistletoe Mountain: The Mountain Man’s Christmas by Frankie Love

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

“Mistletoe Mountain” The Mountain Man’s Christmas: The Mountain Man 3.6 by author Frankie Love.
Published: November 17,2016
My Rating: 4 Stars…..

What an adorable light, very short and sweet Christmas romance. God knows how much I love Frankie Love’s mountain men. Just throw in a helping of Christmas and, well, I’m beyond excited.

Evie and Everett…..

Evie drives out to the woods a couple of days before Christmas in the hopes that she will find the perfect boughs to make her traditional Christmas wreaths. Each year, Evie delivers her wreaths to her neighbors. But this year Evie didn’t realize the task would get her lost in the woods. By herself. In a snowstorm. Luckily for her, a gorgeous, sexy, bearded man comes to rescue her.

Everett finds a beautiful woman lost and alone in a snow storm while he just happens to be out cutting down his “perfect” Christmas tree. Everett has been alone, by choice, for the better part of five years. He has made a quiet life for himself off the grid, in a cabin he built himself. But now he finds himself no longer alone and with a houseguest. At least until the storm subsides. Evie is beautiful and Everett is instantly attracted to her. His attraction is very strong, like nothing he has ever felt with a woman before. Everett is unsure what he should do about it. Even if Evie feels the same, how could they make a relationship work? Does he even want a relationship? Or is it just sexual attraction?

Too many complications.
Everett lives far from town, off the grid, alone in a secluded cabin.
Evie is a city girl.
Would Everett give up his way of life for a chance with her?
Will Evie be willing to make the same sacrifices?

In the end, both Evie and Everett will reflect on the intensity of their feelings for each other. Will they give up their “normal” to be with each other? Read and find out. 😉

I loved this story; it was perfect and only added to my already growing holiday spirit. I just hated that it was so short. Evie and Everett are perfect for each other. Although “Mistletoe Mountain” didn’t have the same intensity that the other mountain men novels had, it was still a fun and sexy story. As usual, I can’t wait to see what this author comes up with next.

My favorite quote: “I let this man unwrap me and now I’ll let him go down my chimney.”

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