Genres: Β Romance, Christmas, Adult, Cowboy, Novella

Told in dual POVs

The Blurb:

Persistence. Peril. Parenthood.

Not necessarily in that order.

Rein Mackenzie is doing his darnedest to give Liberty her wish of starting a family. Ready for action every time his wife’s ringtone–Wild Thing–summons him, the man is giving parenthood his best shot.

Liberty Mackenzie knows she and her husband have had their share of heartache in the baby department, but both feel certain it’s only a matter of patient persistence before they get what they want. And Rein, bless his heart, can be very persistent.

But just before Christmas, when fate offers them the chance to test drive parenthood with taking in a young boy to care for whose life is more complicated than it should be, they realize that having a child and raising a child are two very different challenges that every good parent faces.

**Warning: May cause eyes to well with joy and/or suffer prolonged bouts of sighs and smiles!

My Review:

All I Want for Christmas: A Kinnison Legacy Holiday novellaAll I Want for Christmas: A Kinnison Legacy Holiday novella by Amanda McIntyre

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

“All I Want For Christmas” A Kinnison Legacy Holiday Novella is by author Amanda McIntyre.
My Rating: 4 Stars…..

I have enjoyed all the Kinnison Legacy novels. And this inspirational novella was a great addition.

The Kinnison Series:
“Rugged Hearts”
“Renegade Hearts”
“Rustler’s Hearts”
“No Strings Attached” Last Hope Ranch #1 (series spinoff)
“All I Want For Christmas”


If you’ve read “Rustler’s Heart than you already know who Rein and Liberty are. Although this novella can be read as a standalone, I recommend reading “Rustler’s Heart,” if not all three beforehand. It will give so much more meaning and appreciation to the story.

Liberty and Rein previously lost a child due to miscarriage. Both have been feeling worried and not a little desperate because Liberty has not been able to conceive again yet. During the holiday season they are asked to foster a four year old boy named Cody. Cody’s mother is currently in police custody as a result of a drug arrest.

Rein and Liberty welcome Cody into their home and promise to give him everything he needs to feel stable and happy. At least until they find out the outcome of Cody’s mother’s pending trial. Liberty is feeling a little reluctant and afraid to open her heart fully to Cody. Her biggest fear is that she will become attached to Cody, who is absolutely adorable. What happens when she does and he leaves? Because she knows she will.

There were many, many emotional hurdles Liberty and Rein needed to jump over. Although they loved each other deeply and thankful they had each other, it was difficult to keep smiling at times. They wanted a child of their own so badly. Cody, though not at fault, was a constant reminder of what they didn’t have. The road to Rein and Liberty’s HEA was not a little rough. It was downright filled with potholes.

This novella was sad. But it was also uplifting. There was fear and worry. There was uncertainty and even a bit of danger. But then…..there was joy and fulfillment.

And there was so much love!

This was a beautiful story, perfect for this season of miracles.

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