Publication Date: 11/10/16

Genres:  Romance, Adult, Instalove, Erotica, Novella

Told in dual POVs

The Blurb:


I want two things in life: a woman and a child.

When I walk into the diner and see Rosie, I think my motherf*cking dreams have come true.

We share one stolen afternoon, but then she’s gone.

Eight months later she shows up at my cabin.

Her belly swollen, her breasts full, and with the face of an angel. 

Still, she wants to keep on running.

No way in hell am I going to let her go.

It’s not just Rosie that needs my protection––our babies do too.


Arranged marriages may be fine for some girls, but I’m not some girls.

I’m on the run with one goal: avoid my uncle and the plans he has for me.

What starts as a reckless afternoon, suddenly becomes a life tethered to a man I barely know.

I thought a pregnancy would buy my freedom.

But I was wrong.

And my uncle is ready

*This is a novella

My Review:

Bucked: The Mountain Man's Babies (The Mountain Man, #4)Bucked: The Mountain Man’s Babies by Frankie Love

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

“Bucked: The Mountain Man’s Baby: The Mountain Man #4 is by author Frankie Love.
My Rating: 4 Stars!!!!
Publication date: 11/10/16

I’m going to admit this right now. When I saw this cover, there was no way I wasn’t going to read this book. Just. No. Way. And then I saw the author’s name and it was a win win. I am a big fan of Frankie Love’s mountain men. Come on…gorgeous, sexy, tall, broad and bearded. Let’s not forget to mention possessive, protective dirty talking heroes.

Buck and Rosie…..

Buck lives by himself in a cabin in the woods. Buck is lonely and wants a woman to love and a family to protect. Unfortunately, of the women in his small town, Buck wants none of them. He hasn’t been able to find his special “woman.” Not until he meets Rosie at his mom’s diner one afternoon. When Buck sees her for the first time he knows she is special. He want her. His protective and possessive instincts instantly arise. Rosie. Is. Mine. Buck was awesome!

Rosie is on the run from her uncle and his depraved plans to marry her off to the highest bidder. Her uncle was a disgusting pile of sh*t, for lack of a better description.

Buck and Rosie have a few precious hours together before she is gone. Nearly nine months later she shows up on his door, desperate, fearful, and exhausted. From that moment the story gets exciting and since this novel is so short, I won’t give anything away.

My one complaint is that this sexy, sweet story was too short. At a little over one hundred pages, I was done reading in under two hours. But the good thing is that I know Frankie is working on more. Frankie love has many novellas about her sexy OTT mountain men. So if you love super short, dirty instalove stories, I recommend this author.

The Mountain Man series:
“Claimed By The Mountain Man”
“Ordered By The Mountain Man”
“Wifed By The Mountain Man”

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