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Told in First Person Perspective by Heroine

The Blurb:

Two seductive strangers.

One scandalous night.

A trinity of temptation.

It was only supposed to be a single encounter. A night stripped of sexual inhibitions.

We were never supposed to become romantically involved.

But they were alluring and irresistible.

They were also the enemy.

Their company wants to take the one thing that means anything to me.

Now, I’m navigating a dicey path. Loving two men who can destroy me in a multitude of ways. They can shatter my heart, wreck my dreams, but worst of all, demolish the only place I’ve ever called home.

My Review:

TrinityTrinity by M. Never

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

“Trinity” is by author M. Never.
My Rating: 4 Stars…

🌟🌟🌟🌟          A sweet emotion filled romance

My first comment is that I wish this book was longer. There was definitely potential for more development. My next comment is me saying that I loved it! “Trinity” is a menage romance featuring Shane and Chase who are a bisexual couple and Jenn, the woman who makes their triad complete.

There were a lot of emotions running around this story. I experienced many different “feels.” And that is a compliment seeing how this is such a short book. Most of these emotions were coming from Jenn. She was strong and independent and ready to attack any negative issues that life threw at her. I understood every one of her reasons for her actions or outbursts. I believed they were justified.

Jenn manages a restaurant/bar for a man who was like a father to her. Nathanial Jones. Or Pops as she calls him. Pops took her in when she was a teen. He gave her a job and a safe place to stay. Pops became her world so when he fell ill and hospitalized, Jenn became determined to look after him and keep the restaurant running. Both those things, especially Pop, were her life and it would destroy her to lose either or both.

Chase and Shane were sexy and successful. Both men were gorgeous. One a lawyer, the other an architect. Chase and Shane were already a devoted couple but always believed the right woman would make them complete. When they met Jenn they believed she was the third they were looking for. Both these men were amazing. Not only were they sexy and attractive, they were honest, generous and caring. Sweet and romantic too. And together all three were perfect. Their intimate moments were believable and oh so hot, hot, hot.

I have never read anything my M. Never before this book but I will definitely read more. For such a short book I want to say her writing gave me all the “feels,” a realistic setting and lovable characters that I was committed to seeing have a happily ever after. Yes, I got angry. I swooned (many times). I cried too. But by the very end I was smiling. Jenna is one lucky woman!

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