Genres:  Romance, Adult, Instalust/love, Erotica, Novella

Told is dual POVs

The Blurb:

Mason foster goes through assistants like some people go through tissues. He’s sick and tired of having to replace them, so his best friend and business partner decides to help him out.

Kennedy Myers is here for a job and nothing else. But when the money is too good to be true, there’s nothing she won’t do to please her new boss. She’s bought and paid for, so who is she to say no? Especially when she likes it.

Warning: This dirty office romance is over-the-top filthy. If you want a possessive alpha with a bossy mouth, then do what you’re told and get this book! Seriously, though, if Mason asks, just say you bought it. He’s grumpy.

My Review:

Paid ForPaid For by Alexa Riley

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

“Paid For” is by author Alexa Riley.
My Rating: 3 Stars

I’m just going to say this…This book fell flat for me. Yes I was disappointed. I didn’t like the main characters much, Mason and Kennedy. Truth is I wasn’t fond of the secondary characters either, with the exception of Kennedy’s grandfather. I didn’t hate this story but it felt rushed and incomplete. I hate getting to the end of a book and have unanswered questions. For example: Did I miss the mention of Mason’s age? And why was Mason’s former, fired assistant coming out of his office in one scene?

Mason and Kennedy…..

Mason is a wealthy, attractive businessman. A workaholic. He’s rude, demanding and arrogant. Mason can’t seem to keep an assistant. No surprise there. That is until Kennedy shows up for an interview that Mason’s business partner arranged. After a conversation with Finn, his partner, Mason makes an assumption that Kenndy is a paid for whore/assistant. Jerk. Even though he believes her to be a hooker, Mason wants her anyway. In fact he tells her, within their first meeting, that she will be moving in with him.

Kennedy is just 18 year old virgin. She is desperate for a job that will pay enough so that she can take care of her grandfather who is sick and in a nursing home. Apparently, she’ll do anything for money. Kennedy is actually sweet and innocent but Mason doesn’t realize this. At least not yet.

Most of Alexa Riley’s heroines like being cared for and controlled. Especially in the bedroom. But Kennedy was a total pushover, she barely spoke up for herself.

Of course I am still a fan of AR and one disappointing book won’t change that. AR books always have the OTT possessive hero and I read them and love them for what they are. Ridiculous smutty instalove/lust.

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