Genres:  Romance, Adult, Erotica, Novella

Told in dual POVs

The Blurb:


Janina Fullerton

Heiress Janina “Jenna” Fullerton must have a baby ASAP or get bypassed as the CEO of her father’s company. But she doesn’t even have a boyfriend she could ask to help her. The closest man she has at her disposal is Jared De Lucca, her long-time bodyguard. Dare she ask her hard as nails, gorgeous as sin and perpetually brooding bodyguard to forget protection for a month and make a baby with her?

Jared De Lucca

He’s been wanting her forever. But he’s a professional. He’d sworn to protect her with his life, as her bodyguard, but Janina is asking him to cross the line from being her hired protector to her lover.

What would a beautiful young woman with staggering wealth and high stature in society do with an aging, battle-scarred warrior like him, who has nothing to show for but ugly memories of a once violent life?

But tonight, he doesn’t know what cosmic elements in the universe conspired to make this happen.

She wants his baby. Not just his baby. Him. She wants nobody else to be the father of her child but him.

He knows she’s desperate and he shouldn’t take advantage of her. He took an oath to protect her, even from himself. But God, he’d die to taste heaven in her arms, even just once.

* * *

NOTE: This is an older man / much-younger woman romance. IT’S VERY STEAMY, SWEET, EMOTIONAL, with a VERY POSSESSIVE BUT DASHING HERO and a FEISTY (not doormat:) VIRGIN HEROINE. Guaranteed HEA

This novel is recommended for readers 18 YO and above due to strong language used and explicit contents

My Review:

GUARDING HIS BABY (A Modern-Day Knight Novel)GUARDING HIS BABY by Arabella Rae

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

“Guarding His Baby” A Modern Day Knight Novel by author Arabella Rae.
My Rating: 4 Stars!!

This novella was very short; just a little over 100 pages. It is one of those stories with an OTT alpha with a steamy, dirty, sexy romance. I am actually a fan of this type of romance. I enjoy reading unrealistic romances that have our imaginations running wild. That said, I really loved this one. Action started from the first page and I was pulled in very quickly. Our hero, Jarod had my adoration from page one. And although this story was predicable, I still loved it.

Jarod is former military and currently the bodyguard for our heroine, Janina. He rescued her from a kidnapping when she was younger and hasn’t left her side since. As Janina grew into a beautiful, smart, sexy intelligent woman, Jarod’s feelings for her grew and developed into love/lust.

Janina has had Jarod by her side for as long as she could remember. He is the only man she could truly depend on and trust. Since her father’s illness, Janina has had to assert herself and her capabilities in her father’s company. But in order for her to take control, she must abide by a stipulation added to her father’s will. Jared is the first and only person she thinks of to help her. Of course she has to convince him too.

I enjoyed watching these two interact. Janina was only 21 years old to Jarod’s 40 but she was a strong, independent character. I really liked her. Jarod was absolutely devoted to his “Nina” but because of a dark past, he never believed himself worthy of her love. It was beautiful watching how his dreams of love and a future with Janina came true. They were a perfect couple.

There was a small amount of angst/suspense that was resolved pretty quickly. And since this was such a short novel, I am glad the focus was mainly on the H/h. I will definitely look to read more of this new author’s work. So if you are looking for a super short, steamy, read with a lovable couple, I recommend “Guarding His Baby.”

*I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced reader’s copy of this novella.*