Genres: Romance, Adult, Erotica, Novella

Told in dual POVs

The Blurb:


Being a Prince may be my f*cking duty, but there’s no way in hell I’m living in the stuffy castle.

I prefer my cabin in the woods, the one I built with my own two hands.

The time has come for my arranged marriage.

Hell, there are worse things than having a woman in my bed every night.

Regardless of who this Princess is, I’m not changing my ways.

But then Iris shows up with ultimatums and a perfect p*ssy.

One of us has gotta give.


I leave home with optimism … somehow I’ve got to make this work.

So what if this Prince has a reputation for being a royal ass?

It’s still an adventure — which is all I’ve ever wanted.

Garrick is ruggedly handsome and our chemistry is undeniable.

I want to give him all of me.

And I do. Our wedding night is hotter than the island country I come from.

But the rumors are true….

He’s more than a jerk; he’s stubborn as hell.

But I have a plan to change his cocky ways.

He just has to agree to it.

Wish me luck,

DEAREST READER: It’s time to cozy up with a new mountain prince. Garrick is filthy dirty and needing to be tamed. Get ready to fantasize about all the ways you can whip him into shape. 😉

My Review:

Charmed By The Mountain Prince (The Mountain Prince #2)Charmed By The Mountain Prince by Frankie Love

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

“Charmed By The Mountain Man” The Mountain Prince #2 is by author Frankie Love.
Published: October 13, 2016
My Rating: 4 Stars!!!

The second book in this series features Prince Garrick and Princess Iris.

Iris is the second of her sisters headed to a far away mountain kingdom where an arranged marriage awaits her. Truthfully, Iris was looking forward to i, unlike her sisters. For as long as she could imagine, Iris wanted an adventure. For her a betrothal to a mountain prince is as close as she’ll ever get to one.

Iris’s father, the king, unintentionally let his kingdom fall to near financial ruin. Because of this, Iris and her sisters far from lived the stereotypical luxurious life of a princess. So yes, Iris was justified in looking forward to living a life of wealth in a castle with servants, cooks, and other staff to see to her needs. However, disappointed in the reality, she discovered her new life was to be far from her dreams. Her awaiting prince was not at all what she was expecting. Yes he was gorgeous. Unfortunately he was arrogant, inconsiderate and pigheaded.

Garrick is heir to the throne. As prince he should have been more involved with royal business. There were duties expected of him but he didn’t want anything to do with it. Garrick was happy to live in his small cabin in the woods aways from the castle. A cabin that he built himself. A cabin with no hot water or electricity; basically not meant for the 21st century. Not meant for a princess and definitely not meant for Iris. And did Garrick even consider his new bride when she asked for simple changes?

What do you think?

Most importantly, what did Iris think?

This was a sweet story. Iris was great. She was kind and considerate; non demanding. Garrick needed some work. He was very lucky to be blessed with having Iris in his life. Garrick started off being very annoyed with his parents for arranging a marriage without his consent. He only went along with it because he knew he had to. It was expected of him. However, he was not intending to change his ways for his princess. If his new bride couldn’t deal with his way of life…well then that would be her problem.. Of course Garrick quickly changed his way of thinking. He realized pretty quickly how amazing Iris was and he would do anything to make her happy. Garrick was a sexy brute and I loved him.

This was another fun, steamy, sexy, super short story. Of course Frankie Love knows how much we love her grumpy, dirty talking mountain men.

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