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Dual POVs

The Blurb:

“Sometimes, it takes you losing something for you to realize how much good it actually did for you.”

Matt Taylor grew up in a loving family who accepted the way he chose to live his life and whom he chose to love.

it’s been an entirely different story for Nate Collins. His loving mother passed away when he was five and his father and step-mother have made his life a living hell.

They sent him to war as a punishment for his sexual curiosity and it changed his life for the worse.

What happens when those two worlds mesh together?

My Review:


Love At First HateLove At First Hate by Muriel Garcia

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Amazing story! Passionate and well developed.

“Love At First Hate” (Love At Firsts #2) by author Muriel Garcia.
My Rating: 5 Stars!!!!!

Wow! Just wow!
This was my first novel by this author. All I can say is that I need to read more of her novels. One of the reasons I love social media is because without it, I doubt I would discover so many new authors and their amazing books that I just love. This author and this book was my latest discovery.

I admit I only recently became a fan of MM romance. For no other reason than I hadn’t come across many. But that changed in the past year. “Love At First Hate” is one of my top five favorites in that genre. Even with a well thought out blurb, written to grab our attention, I can only predict what will happen. I was completely blown away by the love, romance, and respect these two amazing men developed for each other. Even the angst added to the story in a positive way, meaning it didn’t give me a ton of anxiety. In the beginning, Matt and Nate get off to a rocky start. With what was going on in their individual lives and with each other.

Matt Taylor was 100% happy with his sexuality. He did not hide who he was, only embraced it with wonderful support from family and friends. Matt lived his life to the fullest every day. He was sexy, gorgeous, confident, loyal and even successful in his professional life as well. Now if only he could find that one special someone to share his life with.

Nate Collins was nearly a complete opposite of Matt. Nate is former military, wounded during a bombing in Afghanistan. He is currently working as a very talented tattoo artist. Nate is also a gorgeous man. Sadly because of an abusive and cruel father, Nate was not allowed to live his life how he wanted. I won’t go into details about Nate’s father but I will say he was an evil man, brutal and controlling. With the support of new friends and Matt, Nate started to take control of his own life and live it his way, including his sexuality, which he was forced to repress his entire life.

Although Nate’s circumstances broke my heart, it was amazing to watch his character develop and grow. The change to Nate’s life was not a quick one but he was determined to fight to be the man he was meant to be.

Matt and Nate were beautiful together. Not only intimately but in every way. This novel has an amazing HEA. And let me add that the epilogue was fantastic; had me in tears. It was so sugary sweet. 🙂

My little note to Muriel..I would love to read a holiday epilogue with Matt and Nate in the future. Hint..hint..;)

Love At First Hate was a beautiful romance, a hard and pain-filled journey that ended with the sweetest love that two people could find with each other.

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