Genres:  Romance, Adult, BBW

The Blurb:

Cage Cooper is a hotshot firefighter in Chicago. When he’s not putting out fires, he’s starting them between willing women’s legs. Busy blazing a trail of broken hearts with satisfied lady parts Cage is a man on a mission. Cage is seeking his other half, the piece of him that is missing. Cage believes that piece is out there just waiting for him to find her. Believe it or not, Cage is looking for love, though maybe in all the wrong places.

Charli Dixon wants nothing more than to not be noticed. Chicago is the perfect locale to do just that. Charli hopes to blend in with the press of the crowds and hide in the stacks of the library she landed a dream job at. Back home her tragic life was all anyone talked about and she was tired of the sympathetic looks followed by invasive questions. Her loss was like a scarlet letter she wore and she was tired of standing out because of it. People lose things every day in a city like Chicago. People find things too, amazing, life changing pieces of their puzzle they never had a clue were missing.

Cage knows the minute he meets Charli that her loss runs deep. He also knows he’s the person who can ease her soul and make her whole again. Just like she will him, because he knows he’s found his missing piece. Now he just has to convince her that what burns between them won’t burn them to ash.

My Review:

Let It BurnLet It Burn by Dee Ellis

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

3.75 Stars!
“Let It Burn” by author Dee Ellis

I believe this was the debut novel for Dee Ellis. For a first novel I thought is was very good. The pace of the first 60% of the novel was slow however the build of sexual tension was strong and intense. The chemistry between Cage and Chloe was crazy hot! The remaining 40% of the book had a steady pace and I was really into their relationship by that point. I do wish our H/h acted on their burning hot attraction a lot sooner.

Cage Cooper is a Chicago firefighter. He is the perfect male. Tall, gorgeous, independent, sexy and intense. I loved his romantic side! Cage knew the perfect words to say in any circumstance. Yes he was OTT but in an adorable way. Another strong characteristic he had was his patience. Lucky for Chloe that he had an unlimited supply of it because she was a mess. Chloe was slow to the take however, Cage knew the first moment he locked eyes on her, she was “it” for him.

Chloe Dixon just moved to Chicago to make a new life for herself. Back home in Iowa she was drowning in responsibility, regret and the cliche of “small town” interference. She wanted to start over in a new place where no one knew anything about her. She had good reasons for wanting this change in her life. I understood where her fears and wariness stemmed from and because of that I was able to justify some of her responses and actions. Unfortunately what really frustrated me was her frequent attitude of hot and cold with Cage. This attitude continued through almost the entire book. I am going to admit this. I did not like her at all! Not even in the end. It was a very good thing I loved Cage and was invested in his HEA because this novel was nearly 500 pages.

This novel has an huge amount of inner monologue. I wish there was more dialogue and less being in their heads. This novel is written in both H/h POVs, a trait I prefer and is usually a strong factor in book selection for me. My comment about the dual POV in this novel is that I would have preferred each POV continued into a new chapter rather then reading the same scenes in different POVs. It just makes the novel longer. So because of the scene repetition and some monologue repetition, I think this novel could have been a lot shorter with the same result.

After reading this novel I am of the opinion that Dee Ellis put a lot of effort into her writing. Description, prose, and scene-setup are just part of her writing talents. Her sex scenes are realistic, intimate and powerful. Cage was an intense lover and Chloe was very receptive to his touch and even his seductive words. So was I… 🙂 These two had such strong chemistry that their instant attraction to each other was believable. In addition to Cage and Chloe’s interactions, Dee Ellis set up her scenes so that I could imagine I was there.

Now let me add there is quite a bit of angst and anxiety. I felt bad for Cage and how Chloe treated him often resulting in his insecurity and fear of losing her. Chloe was a runner. Cage went through rings of fire to be with her. Their HEA was not an easy one to achieve but when they finally got there I was thrilled. I hope Chloe is counting her lucky stars that Cage was so patient and understanding with her. I didn’t like that he blamed himself for everything that went wrong between them. In my eyes the blame was mostly hers. My opinion? She didn’t deserve him.

Dee Ellis added a bunch of secondary characters, most of whom I liked. Both there families were loyal and loving and a great addition to the story. That said, I can’t wait to read Finn and Gigi’s story next.

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